Ipswich Waste Services is a commercial business unit of Ipswich City Council.

With over 50 years of experience delivering domestic and commercial waste services, Ipswich Waste Services has a strong background and is the only waste company in Queensland to be fully quality assured in all four areas of workplace health and safety, quality management, risk management and environment management.

Our Focus and Values

The team at Ipswich Waste Services is committed to providing the best possible service for our clients. We understand that every business is different and needs a waste management solution that suits its particular operations. Before commencing new services, we generally undertake a site visit to gain a full understanding of the needs of your business and any challenges that may be presented from the site. We then tailor a cost-effective waste management solution that meets the needs of the business.

Our Services

We deliver a wide range of commercial waste services to small, medium and large businesses across greater Ipswich. View our range of services below and contact Ipswich Waste Services for further information and pricing on the services listed.

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Commercial Waste and Resource Recovery Solutions

Commercial waste solutions come in all shapes and sizes. View our Commercial Waste and Resource Recovery Solutions brochure to see our options.

Commercial Waste and Resource Recovery Solutions (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Industrial General Waste Bin Collection

The Ipswich Waste Services front lift bins are most suited to generators of a regular volume of low-density waste. The bin is made of steel and is available in a range of sizes to suit all requirements. Collection frequency is flexible and can be arranged to suit customer's needs.

To find out more call us on (07) 3810 8100 or E-mail ipswichwasteservices@ipswich.qld.gov.au

Industrial General Waste Factsheet (PDF, 172.6 KB)

Skip Bin Collection

Skips suit a wide range of applications and are ideal for non-compactable waste generated by building or demolition sites, large scale developments, garden or office clean ups and home renovations. Skip bins are available in two sizes to meet your requirements.

For more information on size and volume, please view Bin Volume Reference Table (PDF, 157.3 KB)

Skip Bin Factsheet (PDF, 146.3 KB)

Hook Bin Collection

Hook bins suit a wide range of applications. They are an ideal system for bulky non-compactable waste generated by commercial, building and or large scale developments through to office clean ups and home renovations.

For more information on size and volume, please view Bin Volume Reference Table (PDF, 157.3 KB)

Hook Factsheet (PDF, 251.5 KB)

Industrial Cardboard Recycling Collection

If you are generating a high volume of paper and cardboard, it may be financially viable to have an industrial cardboard bin at your business. You will also be helping the environment, as all paper and cardboard from the bins are taken to a paper mill for recycling.

Industrial Cardboard Bins Factsheet (PDF, 145.1 KB)

Workplace Recycling Factsheet (PDF, 120.8 KB)

Stationary Compactors

On site compaction units are an economic and practical solution for companies or businesses that have limited space but generate high volumes of compactable waste.

  • Stationary compactors eliminate the necessity of having multiple bins on site
  • There are a range of sizes and configurations and the compactors can be built to your requirements.
  • Compactors are an efficient, hygienic and practical waste disposal feature ideal for shopping centres, factories and other locations that generate high volumes of compactable waste.
  • Competitive leasing/rental packages.