The City of Ipswich undertakes substantial procurement activities in accordance with the requirements of Section 104 of the Local Government Act 2009, the Local Government Regulations 2012 and the Ipswich City Council Procurement Policy 2018-2019.

Procurement Process

Ipswich City Council’s procurement process strives to achieve value for money for residents while ensuring probity and accountability is maintained and the sound contracting principles as defined in Section 104(3) of the Local Government Act are adhered to, namely:

  • Value for money
  • Open and effective competition
  • Development of competitive local business and industry
  • Environmental protection
  • Ethical behaviour and fair dealings.

Council undertakes procurement sourcing activities based on thresholds as summarised below:

$ Value (excluding GST)

Minimum Purchasing Requirements *

Up to $14,999

1 quote required

$15,000 to $19,999

3 quotes required

> $200,000

Public tender


  • Ipswich City Council has commenced streamlining our internal quotation process to utilise an online request for quotation (RFQ) platform where suppliers will either form part of an established panel arrangement (through Local Buy Vendor Panel) or will self-register their business through Vendor Panel Marketplace .
  • This platform allows suppliers to register interest in working for or providing goods or services to Council and is accessible by suppliers free of charge. Vendor Panel Marketplace can be utilised by Council to approach registered suppliers for quotations where deemed appropriate.
  • Please visit Vendor Panel Marketplace to register your business on the platform.

For more information or enquiries regarding Vendor Panel Marketplace contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 or (marked for the attention of the Corporate Procurement Team).

Public Tenders

  • Council, as required from time to time, approaches the market to establish contracts/arrangements for goods or services that are regularly required by Council. Additionally, where deemed appropriate Council also utilises purchasing arrangements established by Local Buy and the Queensland Government.
  • To encourage local industry and the market to tender for the Ipswich City Council’s requirements, Council advertise tenders in the relevant newspapers (generally the Queensland Times and the Courier Mail) as well as online at LGTenderbox.
  • This e-tendering system is offered and managed by Local Buy, a commercial entity wholly owned by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LQAG) which provides procurement services to local governments throughout Queensland.
  • LGTenderbox is accessed online via its website. Suppliers are able to view all tenders that are open for public market responses and are able to download tender documents, once registered as a supplier, free of charge.
  • In order for you as a supplier to download documents, you must first register your company details on the website. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to register your interest against various product/service categories and regions in which you operate. The registration process enables the supplier to be send notifications of any tenders open against the categories from any participating Councils, not just Ipswich City Council.
  • The site provides a full audit trail of suppliers who have downloaded documents, which can - in the case of addendums needing to be issued - be sent to suppliers immediately upon release of the addendum via email notification. A forum is available for potential suppliers to clarify any requirements of the tender and remain anonymous if asking questions on the forum.
  • For information or assistance with the registration process for LGTenderbox please contact them directly: | Help Desk 1800 779 027 (free call).

For more information or enquiries regarding the tender process contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 or (marked for the attention of the Corporate Procurement Team).

Awarded Contracts

Under Chapter 6, Part 4 of the Local Government Regulation 2012, Ipswich City Council is required to publish the following information for contracts awarded (after 14 December 2012) to the value of $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST). Please see council's current contracts information below and note that the contract values contained within this document are based on an approximate full contract term value and are exclusive of GST.

Contracts Awarded Over $200k October 2018-2019 (PDF, 608.6 KB)

More Information

Current Tenders

Please see a list of Ipswich City Council's current tender opportunities in the table below:

Closing on Description Issued By Category
Tue, 26 November 2019 2:00 PM Ipswich City Council Highway and road construction services