Council is currently working on how it can assist businesses and the community to recover from the economic impacts of the virus. The following information includes the state and federal government support services is available for businesses.

Information on recommendations for healthcare facilities and waste contractors with regards to the management of waste generated in the care of people with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Queensland Government Support Summary

Queensland Government Support

Financial Advice (Free)

Support personnel are ready to assist you with free financial advice to bring clarity at a time of need.

  • Queensland Government Economic Relief - Phone: 1300 654 687
  • Employer Assistance (HR) Helpline (CCIQ) - Phone: 1300 731 988
  • Tax and Business Performance Advice (BDO) - Phone: 07 3237 5999

Mentoring Sessions

Mentors are available to provide tailored support including financial mentoring and business planning.
Call 1300 654 687 or email:


Call 1300 654 687 if you need information on the following:

  • Business closures
  • Queensland border closures
  • Economic relief package
  • Payroll tax relief package
  • Power bill relief

COVID-19 Online Courses and Workshops

Online Courses and Workshops

Fire Station 101 and the Chambers of Commerce (Greater Springfield and Ipswich) have partnered together to help small businesses adapt to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.

Take advantage of these FREE online courses and workshops:

Practising Resilience

Dr Meg Hooper is a locally-based Psychologist specialising in business change.

Her team discusses the current issues that businesses are facing and how businesses can take the opportunity to re-focus on what matters to their business right now. More importantly, encourage them to adapt to the current challenges.

Register: Practicing Business Resilience

Controlling Cashflow

Understand what is important to your cash flow needs right now. Find out what grants are available as well as receive top tips on how to write your grant application.

This session removes the financial jargon and breaks it down in easy-to-understand language.

Register: Controlling Cashflow

Taking Your Business Online

A starter’s guide to help extend your business online.
Explore your options while gaining the confidence to move forward.

Register: Taking Your Business Online

COVID-19 Counselling and Support Service

Counselling and Support Services

Reach out and receive the support you need to get through this challenging time.

COVID-19 Business FAQ

COVID-19 Business Faqs

Council is currently working on how it can assist businesses and the community to recover from the economic impacts of the virus.

The following information includes local, state and federal government support services.

Council Support

Q: What is the council doing to support businesses during COVID-19?

A: For the quarter from March 1 until June 30, council will:

  • Waive footpath dining fees;
  • Waive or refund food licence fees;
  • Waive or refund temporary food stall/premises fees;
  • Waive or refund temporary event fees;
  • Waive or refund fees associated with the use of parks;
  • Waive or refund booking fees for community venues; and
  • Refund booking fees for all cancelled events on council property.

For more information, read Ipswich First’s article: council looks at immediate relief

Queensland Government Support

Q: I’m a small business owner, I want to lodge a request for support.

A: Fill out your request form here:
Supporting small business assistance coronavirus outbreak