Proclaimed a city





Queensland, South East



1,090 km²

Estimated resident population


210,000 (as at 16 March 2018, ICC)

Projected resident population


520,000 by the year 2041 (South East Queensland Regional Plan)

Persons aged 15 years and under


23.9% of total area population (as at 2016, OESR)

Persons aged 65 years and over


10.3% of total area population (as at 2016, OESR)

Median age


32.3 years (as at 2016, QGSO)

Major industries


Health care and social assistance (13.2% of region's employed labour, QGSO); retail trade (10.5%); manufacturing (10%)

2016 Census Data


Report presenting Ipswich’s key statistical highlights since 2011 and comparing our key demographics, similarities and differences to other regions within Queensland.

Our community: Demographic Profile of the City of Ipswich (2016)

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