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About Council

The Queensland Government recently passed the Local Government (Dissolution of Ipswich City Council) Act 2018. The unprecedented legislation enabled government to dismiss Council’s Mayor and 10 Divisional Councillors immediately. An interim administrator was appointed as head of Ipswich City Council through to the next scheduled, quadrennial Local Government elections in March 2020.

The government also appointed an interim management committee, made up of experts in the field, to assist the administrator. While operating on a part-time basis, the management committee effectively takes the place of Councillors and committees.

Council services will continue to operate efficiently and on time, with its internal administration from the Chief Executive Officer down remaining in place. Reports on all facets of Council operations continue to be presented to committees with the administrator and management committee considering recommendations and making decisions in a similar monthly forum as previously occurred.

Council’s divisional offices continue to operate and remain a point of contact in the suburbs for residents and ratepayers of the City of Ipswich. The new Act expires on 30 June 2020.


What does Administration mean for me as a resident?
Council services will continue to operate efficiently and on time. An Administrator will now be in place to make decisions which were previously made by Councillors and the Mayor.

What if I have a complaint or issue to raise?
You can lodge complaints or suggestions via the Council’s call centre on 3810 6666, email, or PO Box 191 Ipswich 4305.

Can I still visit my Divisional Office?
Yes. Divisional Offices will be rebranded as Community Offices to better reflect their ongoing role in the community. You can still talk to staff who will be working in these offices.

Can I still attend the Council meetings?
There will still be regular Council meetings, however the details are to be confirmed. Once dates and details are finalised, Council’s website will be updated.

I have an existing complaint/issue lodged with my previous Councillor. Who do I talk to about this now?
Any issues you have raised with the previous elected representatives would have been lodged with Council for action. If this is not the case, please raise your issue via one of our Customer Service channels including the call centre on 3810 6666, email, or PO Box 191 Ipswich 4305.

I want to invite a representative from Council to an event. Who do I invite now?
The Administrator will be able to provide clarity when they start in their new position. As soon as this is finalised, we will include information on our website.