The Ipswich City Council Youth Policy is Council's way of promoting to others the value of young people and what needs to happen to make sure that Ipswich is a great place for young people to live in and visit. The policy has six main areas to it. These are:

  • Advocacy - knowing what current issues are facing young people and finding ways to address them.
  • Participation - providing opportunities to get young people involved in the community and in what Council does as well as including young people in decision making that relates to them.
  • Partnerships - working with youth services and other levels of Government to respond to youth issues and create new opportunities for young people.
  • Positive Promotion - promoting the positive ways young people contribute to Ipswich.
  • Resourcing - providing information to youth services about the local community and opportunities for obtaining additional resources which will mean better services for young people.
  • Employment & Training Opportunities - continuing Council's commitment to employment initiatives and volunteer opportunities for young people.