Ipswich City Council provides in excess of 8,500 hectares of open space for your enjoyment. With over 550 different parks and reserves in Ipswich, there is an extensive range to suit the diverse recreational needs within our community.

To meet the different needs of the community, Ipswich City Council continues to develop and embellish new parks and reserves and upgrade existing parkland to provide modern, stylish facilities.

Park Search

Park Search provides information on Council's parks and reserves and the facilities available within these areas. Alternatively, download the Parks and Reserves Guide   (PDF, 1.4 MB) for further information on some of the parks and reserves of Ipswich.

Use of Parks

Facilities such as playground equipment, strength and agility stations/exercise equipment, BBQs, natural areas, shelters and picnic areas are free for public use on a shared basis and cannot be reserved. Other popular locations, such as sporting fields, halls, chapels and some open areas, have been set aside within parks and reserves specifically to cater for special activities and events and for commercial use. Any use within these selected locations requires a permit or licence - please refer to the Permit and Licence Information page for further details.

Trail Guides

Take advantage of the wonderful trails within Council's many conservation estates and reserves:

Download the Naeus Explore App to have trail guides with you, find out points of interest to see and stay up to date with the weather.

Flying Drones in Ipswich

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is the governing agency for drone flying in Australia. Find out about flying drones on the CASA Drones webpage. CASA's website is a dedicated resource for recreational drone flying, which sets out all of the rules and has an interactive mobile and web app that identifies all of the no-fly zones across Australia in relation to controlled airspace. You can also view and/or download CASA-approved drone safety apps.

Council is not responsible for handling drone complaints and all complaints should be directed to CASA. If you are aware of recreational drones flying unsafely and/or causing nuisance, this can be reported to CASA via their webpage Report Unsafe Drone Operations