Upon lodgement of an Application for use of Council Parks and Facilities form, please ensure you include a copy of the appropriate COVID document based on your event size:

  • Fewer than 500 people - need a COVID Safe Event Checklist. No approval required from Queensland Health
  • 500 - 10,000 people - need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by local Public Health units
  • Over 10,000 people - need a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Queensland Chief Health Officer.
    For more information, refer to the Queensland Government COVID Safe Events webpage.

We appreciate that your event is important to you and would like to assist in making it a success. Events are also important to the Ipswich City Council, as they contribute to our local community by providing opportunities for economic growth and fostering community spirit.

Refer to the Things to consider when holding an event fact sheet for information that can assist in making your event as successful as possible.

Parks Search provides information on Council's parks and reserves and the facilities available within these areas.

Facilities such as playground equipment, strength and agility stations/exercise equipment, BBQs, natural areas, shelters and picnic areas are free for public use on a shared basis and cannot be reserved.

Other popular areas, such as sporting fields, halls, chapels and some open areas, have been set aside within parks and reserves specifically to cater for special activities and events and for commercial use. Any use within these selected areas requires a permit or licence.

If you are planning the following type of activity in a Council park, reserve or facility you will need to apply for a permit or licence:

  • private function with over 100 people
  • ceremony at a designated ceremony area (see Wedding and Ceremony Areas tab below)
  • organised sporting event
  • fitness group or personal training session
  • commercial event (including not-for-profit organisations)
  • community event (including not-for-profit organisations)

If your event is likely to have 500 or more guests attending at any one time you are required to apply for a Temporary Entertainment Event Licence.  Further information including an application form can be found on the Temporary Entertainment Event Licenses page.

For major events where 2,000 or more participants are expected to attend, it is Council's recommendation that a pre-lodgement meeting be held – please refer to the Holding an Event in Ipswich page for further details.

When submitting a permit or licence application you will be required pay the prescribed fee – please refer to Council's Fees and Charges page for more information.

Activities may not be approved if they:

  • pose a potential risk or threat to public health and safety
  • cause nuisance or offence to other members of the community
  • conflict with Council policy or the management intent for the location.

Use Parks Search to help you find an area fitting the requirements of your event. Parks where a permit or licence can be applied for contain a 'Booking' tab on their page, where you will find detailed information on the area, venue, facilities and permit or licence required.

To apply for your permit or licence, please complete the online:

Type of Event

Some examples of the types of events that can be held within a park or reserve are:

  • Ceremony: wedding, naming ceremony, christening, memorial, commitment ceremony, etc.
  • Commercial activity: product launch, expo, entertaining clients, etc.
  • Community event: Christmas carols, festival, markets, etc.
  • Nature based recreation: adventure racing, mountain biking event, scientific research, etc.
  • Sporting event: football game, cricket match, athletics carnival, etc.

Wedding and Ceremony Areas

There are a number of areas within parks throughout Ipswich that are popular for weddings or other special ceremonies. These areas can be searched for using the 'Search by Facilities' function on Parks Search - simply click on 'Usage' and then the 'Ceremony' option for a list of parks with ceremony areas.

Please see links to a number of parks popular for ceremonies below:

Note: Permits issued for Kholo Gardens - Zone 1 and Queens Park - Bush Chapel are limited to a period of 2.5 hours, this is due to the popularity of these locations for ceremonies.

Sporting Areas

There are a number of sporting areas within parks throughout Ipswich. These sporting areas can be searched for using the 'Search by Facilities' function on Parks Search - simply click on 'Usage' and then the 'Sporting' option for a list of parks with sporting areas. Organised sporting events are only to be held in sporting areas.

Seasonal Sporting Use

A sporting club will need to apply for a permit for their seasonal training and competition.  As part of this application they will be required to submit a Terms and Conditions for Seasonal Sporting Permits form acknowledging they have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Note: Please be aware that a permit may not be issued in the instances where fees remain oustanding and payable to council or required documentation has not been supplied.

Fitness Groups and Personal Trainers

There are a number of parks designated suitable for fitness and training activities. These parks can be searched for using the ‘Search by Facilities’ function on Parks Search - simply click on ‘Usage’ and then the ‘Personal Training’ option for a list of parks designated for these activities.

Fitness groups/personal trainers wishing to apply for a permit or licence to use one of Council's parks for the purpose of conducting fitness/personal training will be required to pay a non-refundable application fee at the time of submitting the application - please refer to Council's Fees and Charges page for more information. Evidence of public liability insurance (PLI) cover is to be submitted with the application (please see further information regarding PLI in the tab below).

Nature Based Recreation

Throughout the Ipswich City Council area there are many reserves and conservation estates open for the public to visit and enjoy.  Applications for use are only accepted for locations where areas have been created.

Permits are required if you wish to:

  • hold an event,
  • carry out an activity as part of a formal group, or
  • your activity has the potential to adversely impact on the area

These reserves or conservations estates can be searched for using the ‘Search by Facilities’ function on Parks Search - simply click on ‘Usage’ and then the ‘Nature Based Recreation’ option for a list of areas designated for these activities

Please be aware that these areas are not closed off to the public when a permit is issued, however Council’s Natural Resources staff will manage the use to ensure that conflicting activities are not permitted in an area  at the same time.

Public Liability Insurance (PLI)

Public liability insurance (PLI) may be required for certain types of events or activities. The application form outlines instances where PLI is required, although Council may also request PLI if there is potential risk to public health and safety.

Where PLI is a requirement it must:

  • have a minimum cover of $20 million
  • cover the dates of the event
  • be held with an insurance company licensed to operate in Australia
  • be in the name of the applicant for the event
  • have Ipswich City Council nominated as an interested party on the policy
  • be included with your application submission before your application will be assessed

Monuments and Memorials

There are a number of monuments and memorials within parks throughout Ipswich. These can be searched for using the 'Search by Facilities' function on Parks Search - simply click on 'Other' and then the 'Monument/Memorial' option for a list of parks containing monuments or memorials. Use of these areas is limited to activities consistent with the nature of the monument or memorial in question, e.g. ANZAC Day services, Remembrance Day services, memorial services for fallen soldiers, etc.

If you would like to apply to use a monument or memorial area please complete and return the paper-based form below:

Application for Use Of Council Parks and Facilities (PDF, 161.2 KB)

Fees and Charges

Some events or areas may attract a permit or licence application and/or bond fee, e.g. use of a hall or in cases where a key is required for access, etc. If your event attracts a fee, a Council customer service officer will be in contact to discuss this prior to finalising your application. If fees are applicable, a permit or licence will only be issued after payment of the prescribed fee. Please refer to Council's Fees and Charges page for further information.

Sustainability Initiative

Plastic contributes to massive amounts of landfill and has a negative impact on wildlife and the environment, particularly in our waterways and oceans. Plastic does not degrade in landfill for at least 450 years and 79% of all the plastic waste ever created is still in our environment.

In response to community concern regarding the impacts of plastic on our environment Council would like to encourage the following sustainability initiatives be embraced for events which are held on Council owned or controlled land and Council sponsored events:

  • Banning the release of helium balloons
  • Discontinuing the use of single-use straws
  • No longer allowing single-use water bottles, unless there is an onsite recycling bin or facility for these bottles