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Laws and Regulations

Council has an obligation to ensure that Ipswich is a safe and healthy community. 

To achieve this there are a range of laws and regulations relating to health and safety, streets and roads, animals, signs and advertisements, entertainment venues, parks and reserves; traffic, control of pests, nuisances, caravan parks, camping grounds, temporary accommodation, water supply, swimming pools and other topics. Depending on the issue, residents can contact council who can help them directly or refer them to the appropriate agency for assistance.

Copies of the Council Local Laws are available for purchase from the cashiers counter located in Council's Administration Building, 45 Roderick Street.

Prohibition of Trail Bikes and 4-Wheel Driving on Council owned Property   

Trail biking and 4-wheel driving are prohibited on Council owned properties (including bushland reserves and conservation estates) under Local Laws.

Bushland reserves and conservation estates are owned and managed by Council for protection of nature and to provide legitimate recreational use.  This includes bush walking, mountain biking, horse riding, and nature studies (these activities are permitted on designated trails).

Besides causing major environmental damage to plants and animals, prohibited activities pose a serious risk to recreational users  and ruin the scenic amenity.  Council Officers actively target prohibited activities by having regular combined patrols with Queensland Police. 

Council has installed and will continue to install bike barrier fencing designed to prevent access, use surveillance cameras to monitor activities and conducts blitz's to target known hotspots.  Offenders run the risk of financial penalties up to $550. 

Bushland Reserves and Conservation Estates are protected and managed for the benefit of current and future generations.

Trail Bike Facility

On 30 November 2009, a statement was released by State and Local Government announcing that they will deliver the first major trail bike facility for South East Queensland. 

For information regarding this facility please click on the following link to read the statement - State and Local Governement deliver first major trail bike facility for SEQ.