Put safety first when making a splash this summer

07 December 2023

Ipswich residents are being encouraged to put safety first if considering making a splash in portable pools or spas this summer.

With memories behind them, IYAC members look to the future

06 December 2023

Members of the 2023 Ipswich Youth Advisory Council (IYAC) were officially acknowledged for their service on Monday 4 December, after 10 months of giving input to council policies, procedures and projects.

Woodcrest State College car park lights up

04 December 2023

Woodcrest State College at Springfield has been lit up with newly installed car park lights designed to improve safety.

Ipswich’s Visitor Information Centre claims sixth Gold Queensland Tourism Award

04 December 2023

Ipswich’s Visitor Information Centre has claimed gold for the city at the 38th annual Queensland Tourism Awards in Cairns.

Nostalgic ‘90s lookback at Ipswich’s surfing subculture

04 December 2023

An iconic art exhibition documenting Ipswich’s ‘90s surfing subculture is being revisited for its 30th anniversary at the Ipswich Community Gallery.

More wins in city’s waste reform journey

01 December 2023

Major work on the reformation of Ipswich’s approach to the waste industry is continuing under Ipswich City Council’s Waste and Circular Economy Transformation Directive.

St Nicholas Precinct makes joyful return, so come all ye faithful

30 November 2023

Stunning, immersive light displays and installations will once again transform the heart of the city into the ‘St Nicholas Precinct’, running nightly from 8 to 17 December.

Action to attract more hotels for Ipswich’s growing economy

29 November 2023

New initiatives will be rolled out by Ipswich City Council as part of an Action Plan to attract more hotel and short-term accommodation developments to the city.

Young curators take over Ipswich Art Gallery

28 November 2023

Ipswich Art Gallery has taken its commitment to involving youth in the arts to the next level with a new exhibition curated entirely by young people who live in Ipswich.

Ipswich Libraries a home away from home

24 November 2023

Ipswich Libraries are fast becoming a popular space for residents to spend time reading, working or studying, with visitation for those purposes more than doubling in the past year.