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Oral Histories

Ipswich Remembers

Ipswich Remembers is a collection of oral histories produced and transcribed by local historian, Robyn Buchanan for the Ipswich City Council.  Thirty-six (36) recordings were completed between 1994 and 2002 covering a broad range of topics relevant to the history of the City of Ipswich.


Full transcripts of the oral histories can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Blackstone and Brynhyfryd (PDF, 1 mb) by Jessie Edwards.

Blackstone-Ipswich Cambrian Choir (PDF, 1.1 mb) by Blodwyn Whitehead and Gwalia Walker.

Blackstone - Mining experiences (PDF, 755 kb) by Hazal and Allan Dowell.

Bomber Pilot during World War II (PDF, 974 kb) by Colin (Tom) Cutler.

Booval, the Bremer River and Ipswich Railway Workshops (PDF, 1.2 mb) by Fred Guard.

Brassall (PDF, 766 kb) by Len Trower.

Bremer River and the Ferry service (PDF, 681 kb) from Basin Pocket by Vic Lilley.

Building a silo (PDF, 416 kb) by Vince Loveday.

Cycling and the Top of Town (PDF, 1.2 mb) by Vic Loetzsch.

Grandchester district (PDF, 492 kb) by Vince Stokes.

Growing up in Ipswich (PDF, 994 kb) by Thomas Shapcott.

Harrisville (PDF, 930 kb) by Doreen Perrett.

Ipswich Choral Society - Memories of Raceview (PDF, 1.4 mb) by Myfanwy Sullivan and Norman Hart.

Ipswich during the Great Depression and during World War II (PDF, 635 kb) by Doris Timperley.

Ipswich Little Theatre and the Walter Burley Griffin Incinerator (PDF, 517 kb) by Helen and Ian Pular.

Ipswich Orpheus Chorale (PDF, 1.4 mb) by George Hogg.

Ipswich Railway Workshops (PDF, 709 kb) by George Berrell.

Ipswich and Ipswich Railway Workshops (PDF, 1.1 mb) by Robert Sneyd.

Ipswich Railway Workshops and the Blacksmith's Shop (PDF, 483 kb) by Syd Qualischefski.

Ipswich Railway Workshops and the Powerhouse (PDF, 525 kb) by Elmslie Berghauser.

Ipswich Vice-Regal Band (PDF, 1.7 mb) by Maurine Lyon.

Marburg by Jean Kickbusch. (PDF, 369 kb)by Jean Kickbusch.

Memories of a Journalist and Queensland Times Director (PDF, 1.2 mb) (PDF, 1.2 mb) by Alison Smith.

Memories of a Miner (PDF, 919 kb) by Rudy Steele.

Monuments in Ipswich (PDF, 541 kb) by Tom Farrell.

Motor cars and aeroplanes (PDF, 1.5 mb) by George Roberts.

Mt Crosby (PDF, 246 kb) by Margaret McDougall.

Mt Walker District (PDF, 472 kb) by Mick Ruhland.

Mt Walker West district (PDF, 592 kb) by Pat and Marie Ahearn.

Neville Bonner and the Jagera people; his early life and his role as a Senator (PDF, 896 kb)

Peak Crossing and Radford districts (PDF, 868 kb) by Dorothy McInnes.

Queens Park, Ipswich (PDF, 608 kb) by Amelia Francis.

Singer and Library owner (PDF, 494 kb) by Ray Jones.

Teacher, Music specialist and Choir accompanist (PDF, 1 mb) by Kathleen Gee.

Warrill View and Harrisville (PDF, 830 kb) by Norman Pegg.

Working as a fireman and locomotive driver, working at the Railway Roundhouse (PDF, 905 kb) by Ed Morgan.