Sustainable Ipswich Week (SIW) provides an opportunity for the community and local businesses to be involved in promoting and celebrating sustainability and our environment. A range of activities and events are held throughout the week and sustainability partners can share their sustainable events, products or services.  By working together we can protect and enhance our environment and its liveability for current and future generations. Live, eat and play the sustainable way!

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    See how you can live sustainably every day of the week with fun activities designed to challenge and inspire

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    Get inspiration from the fun activities that were held for you, your family, friends and colleagues

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    View, download, print and share a range of resources designed to educate and inform about sustainability in our city

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    Tips, tricks and insights on how to live, work and play in an intelligent and sustainable way

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    View our range of free environmental education programs for local schools, community groups and families

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    View local sustainable partners helping us to live, eat and play the sustainable way