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Supplying Ipswich City Council

In order to assist and inform suppliers Ipswich City Council has made the following tools available:

Interested in supplying goods and services to Council?

Ipswich City Council utilises the Marketplace VendorPanel platform to allow suppliers to register interest in working for or providing goods to Council. This is an electronic platform accessible by suppliers free of charge. VendorPanel Marketplace can be utilised by Council where there is no preferred supplier list or agreement in place in order to source quotations from registered suppliers.

Please visit Marketplace VendorPanel to register your business on the portal under the goods or services categories that you wish to provide.

For more information or enquiries regarding Marketplace VendorPanel contact Council's Corporate Procurement team on (07) 3810 6666 or (marked for the attention of the Corporate Procurement team).

Related contracting documentation

The following documents are the standard terms and conditions document and templates that Council will utilise when engaging with the market in our procurement/tendering processes and in contracting with supplier:

Request for tender   (PDF, 293.3 KB)
Services Contract (PDF, 341.9 KB)
Product and Services Contract (PDF, 360.5 KB)
Professional Services Contract (PDF, 300.9 KB)