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Community Engagement

Ipswich City Council strives to involve Ipswich residents in council planning and implementation of key initiatives and programs. Our Community Engagement Policy is informed by the 2009 Local Government Act's principles which include "democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement". The Community Engagement Policy aims to guide council's engagement processes towards transparency, consistency and quality practice:

Community Engagement Policy (PDF, 98 kb)

What we have done so far

The Community Plan: as a lead on to the Ipswich i2020, council invited residents to review the final draft of our recently adopted Long-Term Community Plan (now known as Community Plan). The plan reflects council's strategies and actions in realising its residents aspirations through partnership approaches with local agencies.

Previous community consultations: Council engaged an external consultant to consult with a sample of diverse community groups, residents and other government departments as a means of gaining community input into the development of several Council social infrastructure, crime prevention and city marketing initiatives. A small sample of residents from Toowoomba and Brisbane were also invited to participate.

Findings from the community consultations were utilised to inform the development of the following Council corporate plan projects:

  • Community Social Plan
  • Social Infrastructure Plan
  • Crime Prevention Plan
  • City of Ipswich Marketing Plan.

PhotoVoice - My Culture Through My Lens

PhotoVoice is a participatory photographic research method. It involves the participants of this project taking photographs that represent their individual perspectives and lived experiences. These pictures are then shared with other participants and discussed to identify connecting themes. Narratives or stories explaining the significance of the pictures are attached to the photographs. Showcase your photographic flair and add to your social experiences while creating valuable change in your community.

Registrations for PhotoVoice are now open

Ipswich Affordable Housing Forum 2017

Ipswich City Council held its inaugural Affordable Housing Forum in December 2017. The forum brought together a wealth of expertise across government, private and not-for-profit sectors and evidenced widespread support for working together on new housing solutions.

Key aims of the forum were to:

  • Encourage collaboration to identify innovative housing solutions that make a difference
  • Position Council to facilitate, enable and broker change to ensure social and affordable housing needs are met
  • Identify and agree key next steps to continue
  • Progress the conversation.

The below report provides an overview of the workshop and includes focus areas and actions that Ipswich City Council will be undertaking to improve affordable living within Ipswich:

Ipswich Affordable Housing forum 2017 Summary and Outcomes   (PDF, 875.4 KB)

For more information regarding the paper and process email Social Policy and Strategy Manager Noelle Hudson at