Where to get fit and healthy in Ipswich for free

By Rochelle Vaisanen

Janet Jackson sang, “the best things in life are free”, and good news for Ipswich locals, health and fitness in Ipswich certainly can be. 

From running groups to walking groups and even yoga, there’s no need to let dollars and cents hold you back from improving your fitness.

Get your active wear ready – we’ve got you covered with nine ways to live an active and healthy lifestyle without breaking the bank.

1. Head to a parkrun on Saturday

They say consistency is key to improving your fitness, so mark each Saturday in your diary and head to either Augustine Heights or Limestone park to join up to 200 others running towards a healthier lifestyle in 2020.

Not a runner? No problem. Parkrun welcomes joggers, walkers, and families with dogs, children or prams. If you’re thinking, “I’m so slow everyone will be waiting for me,” no need to worry. Each parkrun has a designated volunteer who stays at the back of the pack, so you’ll never finish last.

2. Join a walking group

Did you know Ipswich has walking groups that meet at five different locations each week?

Regardless of your residential post code, there’s a group waiting to step it out to an improved fitness.
Meeting both morning and afternoon, start tracking towards the recommended 10,000 steps a day.

Ipswich Walking Group

3. Use pedal power to get fit

Looking for a low-impact activity?
Grab your fitness by the handlebars and explore Ipswich’s bike paths on two wheels.
Why not combine a bike ride with a visit to the playground and get the whole family spinning to an active lifestyle?
Not sure where to ride? Check out local bike rides.

4. Explore our nature reserves

Prefer to hear birds chirping while you hit your fitness goals? Tie up your laces and head to one of Ipswich’s bushland and nature reserves.
There’s no shortage of space to step it out, from the 2,200-hectare Flinders - Goolman Conservation Estate to the 2,500-hectare White Rock - Spring Mountain Conservation Estate.  

Looking for company while getting off-the-beaten track? Join the White Rock Warriors every Tuesday (both morning and evening) for a walk or run along the trails at White Rock Reserve.

Ipswich Nature Reserves

5. Roll out the yoga mat

Bend, stretch and twist your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Get zen amongst the greenspace at either Faye Carr Park or Spring Lake Park and join one of Ipswich’s free Active Parks yoga and pilates classes.

Choose from a morning or evening class throughout the week to start your day with a relaxed mindset or unwind the days stresses away.

Ipswich Yoga and Pilates

6. Grab the gloves for a boxing circuit

Make like Jeff Horne and jab, cross and uppercut your way to an active lifestyle.
Head to Sovereign Park in Deebing Heights or Robelle Domain for a free boxing session in the park.

Be prepared to work up a sweat as you box your way to a healthier you.

Boxing in the Park

7. Make a splash

Recovering from injury or slowly building up your fitness? Think Aqua aerobics.
Escape the heat and workout in water as you build strength and cardiovascular fitness in the pool.

Perfect for all fitness levels and abilities, aqua aerobics is also the coolest place to stay active in summer.

Ipswich Aqua Aerobics

8. Get moving as a family

Looking for a way to decrease your child’s screen time and replace it with green time?
Head to one of Ipswich’s SRG (Springfield Runners Group) kids’ group sessions.

Although the session is targeted for children ages 3 to 16 years, parents are welcome to join too.

Fit Free Family Workout