Where to do group fitness in Ipswich

By Rochelle Vaisanen

It’s that time of year again, when our sights are set on the new year and resolutions are made to be more active and live a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re like the other 37% of the population who list being more active on the top of their resolution list, then you’ll need a plan to set yourself up for success.

Before you lock yourself into a gym membership or break the bank on a new fitness toy (read: treadmill, bike or AbBlaster), why not try a group fitness class instead?

Not only are they social and fun, they also offer variety, structure and accountability towards your fitness goals – and some won’t even cost you anything but your sweat to show up.

Get ready to tie your laces, roll out the yoga mat or put on your swimmers with these five ways to join a group fitness class in Ipswich.

Get outdoors

With over 550 parks in Ipswich, there’s plenty of fitness groups using the greenspace to work up a sweat.

Don boxing gloves and duck and weave through a boxercise class or enjoy the soft grass below as you burpee, jump or squat through a military-style bootcamp.

For an outdoor activity at a more relaxed pace, roll out the yoga mat or bring your small children for a workout designed specifically for parents and bubs.

If getting off-the-beaten-track is more your style, tie up your laces at White Rock Conservation Park and take to the trails with the White Rock Warriors, as they explore the 2,500-hectare estate on foot (both runners and walkers welcome).


Hit the pavements within Ipswich’s parks

Set yourself a running goal? Hit the pavement throughout Ipswich’s parks with other runners to get you from couch to 5km in no time.

From evening running sessions meeting at Bill Paterson Oval and Orion Shopping Centre to weekly parkrun events at both Limestone Park and Augustine Heights, there’s several running groups to help you run further and faster.

Prefer a slower pace? You’re not alone.

Walking groups reign supreme throughout Ipswich, with walkers meeting at five different locations to step it out to a healthier lifestyle together.

Fit Free Walking Group

Find a local pool

Looking to stay cool while getting active, especially in summer?

Solution: beat the heat and make a splash at one of Ipswich’s local pools.

Join an aqua aerobics class to enjoy the benefits of a workout without the impact on the body – perfect for any fitness level or ability.

Ready to move at a faster pace in the water? Channel your inner Susie O’Neil and test your freestyle, backstroke or butterfly during a Swimfit class.

Don’t worry – the pools are heated, too. So, you can keep up your newfound fitness regime going all year-round.

Group Fitness Pool

Head to a local hall

Don’t think the only indoor exercise on offer occurs in a gym.

Ipswich has several halls and centres that cater for group fitness session, from Hatha yoga classes at Raceview Scout Hall to line dancing at Queens Park Croquet Hall.

For a workout with a difference, test your backspin, topspin or sidespin with a game of table tennis or twist your hips and work your abs while hula hooping.

Head to a gym

Don’t let the commitment of a 12-month contract deter you from joining a group fitness class at one of Ipswich’s gyms.

Casual gym passes are your ticket to fitness – pick up a barbell to shape and tone your whole body or channel your inner Jane Fonda and dance your way to a more defined body.

With most gym timetables offering up to four group sessions per day and a variety of class styles, there’s plenty of opportunities to find the right activity for you.

Although you’ll need to pay a small fee for a casual pass, gyms offer the added benefits of amenities on hand (hot shower, toilet and cold-water fountain) – perfect for a pre-work workout.

Did we mention they’re also airconditioned? The perfect way to stay cool while you box, dance or squat during the summer months.

Group Fitness Gym

Not sure which group fitness session is best for you? Check out the Active and Healthy Ipswich Calendar for more information.