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Dog Registration

Registration and microchipping ensures your dog has every chance possible to be reunited with you.

You need to register your dog within the Ipswich City Council area within 14 days of:

  • The dog reaching the age of three (3) months
  • The dog moving into the Ipswich City Council area
  • An owner acquiring a new dog
  • A previous registration expiring (not cancelled or revoked).

Dogs must be registered and microchipped before they are sold or given away in accordance with the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008. You must ensure your dog is implanted with a chip before it is 12 weeks of age. Ipswich City Council does not microchip dogs - please contact your local veterinarian for this service.

Why register your dog?

A registration tag tells everyone your dog is owned and loved and would be missed if it went astray.

If someone finds your dog they can contact Council 24-hours-a-day to report the tag number. The call centre will then contact you to advise where and how to pick up your dog. Registration and microchipping ensures your dog has every chance possible to be reunited with you.

Council also offers a rewards program for dog owners who register their dogs. The registration rewards program provides great discounts and offers across a variety of providers including pet businesses, vets, leisure providers and cafés. More information on Registration Rewards Program.

How to register your dog

You can register your dog in the following ways:

Transferring from another Council

Transfer of dog registration now covers all Australian local governments where a dog is currently registered and satisfactory proof of registration is shown. The transfer of the dog registration to Ipswich City Council will be honoured (at no cost) to the end of the current financial year. A registration form is required to be completed by the customer and proof of current registration with another local government must be provided.

Transferring within Ipswich City Council

If you have recently taken ownership of a dog registered with Ipswich City Council, a letter from the original registered owners must be shown to Council in order to transfer dog registration to you as the new owner.

Dog registrations must be renewed annually in June/July.

Registration fees

Registration fees are set each year by Council and the registration period runs from 1 July to 30 June annually.

Fees must be paid annually per financial year. View Council’s Fees and Charges Register for current dog registration fees.

Once your dog is registered, Council will send you a renewal notice at the end of each financial year. Discounted fees are available to persons receiving certain government pensions and owners of dogs that are desexed.

Registration payments

Dog registration payments (renewals only) can be made online via our Dog Registration Renewal Payments webpage.

Registration tags

Once registered, your dog will be issued a registration number and lifetime tag. The tag must be worn by the dog at all times to assist the return of your dog if it becomes lost.

If the tag is lost or destroyed, Council will replace it for free. Contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 to request a new registration tag.

Registration discounts

Council offers reduced dog registration fees for desexed dogs and pensioners.

Proof of desexing or your pension card is required if registering a dog for the first time or requesting a discount for the first time.

Council also offers discounted fees for:

  • Obedience-trained dogs
  • Kennel permit holders
  • Members of Dogs Queensland.
  • Obedience-trained dogs
  • Dogs that have been obedience-trained are less likely to cause a nuisance.

In the spirit of rewarding Ipswich's responsible dog owners, Council offers a 50% registration discount for dogs that have reached an appropriate level of obedience.

To qualify for the discount you must demonstrate the dog has achieved the level of competency set out in the Dog Obedience Testing Criteria form (under More Information below) – fill out the form and return to Council to qualify for the discount.

Once your dog has been assessed and qualified to the level of competency, contact Council on telephone (07) 3810 6666 to arrange your registration discount.

The discounted fee will be applicable for two years from the date of assessment.  After the two years, the dog will need to be reassessed to determine if it is still eligible for the discount.

For more information, contact Council on (07) 3810 666.

Commercial kennel licence and Dogs Queensland

If a resident holds a commercial kennel licence and has dogs registered with Dogs Queensland (previously the Canine Control Council of Queensland), they can apply to Council for a 50% reduction of their dog registration fees.

To be eligible, the dog owner must have a current commercial kennel licence with Ipswich City Council (fees up to date) and be able to provide proof of current registration with Dogs Queensland for the dog for which they are requesting the discount.

Applications for this discount must be made in writing to Council with all documentation attached.

Registration refunds

Dog registration refunds are only granted for the current registration period in most cases. Refunds will not be granted for previous registration periods unless Council was notified about the change at that time.

To qualify for a refund, the dog must be registered with Ipswich City Council and registration fees paid to Council (no refunds will be issued for reciprocal registrations).

Refunds will not be granted for a dog that qualifies for the introductory discount registration fee.

Refunds are granted if:

  • The dog is deceased (official statement from a veterinarian or statutory declaration from the dog owner must be provided).
  • The dog qualifies for a lower registration fee (the dog has been desexed or pensioner discount now applies) and proof of desexing or pension card supplied.

The dog qualifies for an obedience discount if it satisfies the Dog Obedience Testing Criteria and the relevant documentation has been signed and dated by an appropriate organisation.

The dog qualifies for a commercial kennel licence and Dogs Queensland discount (current licence and a certificate or document of proof of the dog being registered with Dogs Queensland).

The refunded amount is calculated based on the date the dog registration refund form is received.

To apply for a refund, please fill in a Request for Dog Registration Refund and return in person to one of the Council locations listed at the bottom of the page.

Change registration details

It is important to advise Council of any changes to your dog's registration details, e.g. address change, contact details or the dog changes ownership.

Council will then be able to alter its records so that we can contact you if your dog is lost or impounded, as well as to ensure you receive your annual renewal notice and your dog isn't left unregistered after the annual expiry date.

Updating your mailing address can be done via Council's Online Services Change Mailing Address.

If your dog is changing owners or you are amending an existing dog ownership registration, complete the relevant form (under More Information below) and return the form to one of the Council locations listed at the bottom of the page.

Registration exemptions

Government entity dogs and working dogs (farm working dogs) are now exempt from registration and any registration fees under the Animal Management (Cats & Dogs) Act 2008.

More Information

Ipswich City Council (07) 3810 6666

Dog Registration Application Form (PDF, 79.7 KB)
Declaration of Animal Being Desexed     (PDF, 119.8 KB)
Farm Dog Registration Self Assessment Checklist     (PDF, 66.2 KB)
Dog Obedience Training Criteria (PDF, 699.2 KB)
Request for Dog Registration Refund (PDF, 54.1 KB)
Dog Registration Change of Ownership (PDF, 109.4 KB)
Dog Registration Amendment to Existing Ownership (PDF, 118.9 KB)
ATO Ruling on Private Production (PDF, 549.4 KB)