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Building work that is assessable development must have a building approval issued by a building certifier.

Building Certifiers can be either Council Building Certifiers (certifiers employed by Council) or Private Building Certifiers (certifiers who provide a private certification service completely independent of Council).

In addition to the building approval other approvals such as a siting variation or amenity & aesthetics referral agency approval may be required.  These approvals are issued by Council regardless of whether you engage a Council building certifier or a private building certifier.


Ask your building company if they are using a Council building certifier or a private building certifier.  If a private building certifier has been engaged to certify your building works and you have been advised a referral agency application has been submitted to Council ASK for a copy of the Council receipt as this will detail the lodgement date of the application.

Council is unable to assist you with the progress of your privately certified building application, however provided you are the intended owner of the building you can contact Council, with the details of your referral agency application receipt, and Council will advise you of the applications progress.

You can save yourself time and money when you build or renovate, by comparing Council's Certification fees and approval times to other certification services.

Council's service brings together and draws on an extensive knowledge of Queensland's building and plumbing legislation, and town planning and engineering experience, which assists in delivering a totally independent and thorough assessment of your building project.

Our helpful staff are happy to provide general advice on the current requirements for all types of building work to ensure your asset is protected and complies with local and state laws.

For Building enquiries please contact our friendly Building Team on:

T | 07 3810 6120 F | 07 3281 7085 E |

Office Hours | Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm excluding public holidays.

Street Address | Ground Floor of the Administration Building - 45 Roderick Street, Ipswich.
Postal Address | Building Branch - PO Box 191, Ipswich QLD 4305 Australia.

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