The Active School Travel Program encourages a healthy, active and social school community.

Benefits of Active School Travel

Active school travel once a week can make all the difference. Benefits include:

  • Helping students be healthier, happier and more alert at school
  • Increasing road safety awareness
  • Building stronger school communities
  • Making streets around schools safer
  • Reducing traffic congestion

Active School Travel Program Support

Participating schools in Ipswich have access to these council resources:

  • A council support officer to help the school develop and implement active travel, e.g. conduct parent surveys, plan launch days, plan park and walk routes (‘cycle buses’ and ‘walking school buses’). Your support officer is available for a meeting every month if required
  • Funds for active travel event days each term to launch/promote active travel ($200 each term, approved by ICC).
  • Active travel social media posts
  • Personalised Active School Travel maps
  • Incentive prizes for students and parents participating in active travel at the school, particularly on event days, e.g. sunglasses, crayons, yoyos
  • Bicycle hire for one month during school term time to teach and learn practical bike and road safety
  • Optional participation in road safety initiatives

AST Program Expression of Interest

If you would like your school to participate in the Active School Travel Program please submit the below form and we will be in contact: