General Enquiries & Emergencies
(07) 3810 6666

TTY Phone
133 677 then ask for
07 3810 6666

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Online Services

There are various services and information you can access directly through our website, including:


Access a wide range of factsheets covering a variety of topics, including:

Governance and Strategy

Find out about the structure and operations of Council, including information on:


Use Council's MyIpswich customer portal whenever possible to:

  • Manage your own contact information which Council will use to engage with you regarding your requests.
  • Submit a request for service, including the ability to monitor and update your requests.
  • Search and subscribe to FAQs for current information covering a range of topics, including:
    • Animals: lost and found, noise nuisance, roaming, registration, excess numbers
    • Waste and bins: missed bins, bin service commencement/cancellation, change bins, damaged/missing bins
    • Roads, footpaths, parks: maintenance, permits, park equipment, sign maintenance
    • Trees and vegetation: mowing, overgrown property, tree-trimming, garden maintenance
    • Payments: make a payment, set up direct debits, access invoices
    • Graffiti and vandalism: report graffiti, graffiti kits, vandalism of public property
    • Parking: regulations, permits, enforcement, infringements, parking meters

More Information

If you are seeking information that is not already published, we will check to see whether Council holds the information it can be provided to you without formally applying for documents through the Right to Information or Information Privacy processes. (Note: it is helpful if you are able to provide some detail about the type of information you are looking for - e.g. is it a report, email or letter? What date was it created? Do you have a reference number?)