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Council Flood Recovery Works

Council is continuing the rebuilding process following the flooding and weather events.  In total, more than 300 community assets were damaged by flooding. These include 169 sections of gravel road, 13 sporting clubs, community facilities and parks.

The link below provides an access to an interactive map showing the recovery projects and the progress of repairs.

Severe Weather February 2022 Recovery Plan

Flood waters caused devastating damage across Ipswich to almost 600 dwellings, 300 businesses, more than 250 vehicles, losses of livestock and livelihoods. The ongoing impacts of long-term displacement of people, uninhabitable homes and lengthy rebuild processes are key features of recovery efforts going forward.

The Severe Weather February 2022 Recovery Plan outlines a range of actions, works and activity being undertaken by Council and many other groups and agencies to help our community reach a point where they are sustainable and resilient. The Recovery Plan outlines the recovery process as a whole of government, whole of community responsibility, and the work of many groups and agencies contributing to this work are acknowledged.