The Franklin Vale Creek Catchment, bordered by the Little Liverpool Range, has high wildlife and biodiversity values, with the flats of Franklin Vale Creek also highly productive agricultural and pastoral land. Parts of Franklin Vale Creek and the waterways that feed into it have instability and bank erosion that impact on water quality and the values of the creek itself. This in turn negatively impacts both the native wildlife and the productivity of graziers who depend on the creek for watering livestock.

Franklin Vale Creek Initiative

Ipswich City Council is partnering with landholders to restore and improve the catchment condition through actions such as revegetation, offline watering points and stock exclusion fencing. Council is making a substantial investment in building a legacy of best practice land management where the productivity of the land is maintained for landholders, the community and the environment. Funding comes from council’s stormwater quality offsets scheme which is a developer-funded program to improve water quality and waterway health.

Initiative Benefits

Works at properties in the first stage of the Franklin Vale Creek Initiative have already demonstrated the benefits of the partnership between council and landowners, including:

  • Native vegetation stabilising the creek and channel, which prevents erosion and helps to reduce salinity issues;
  • Slowing water and increasing infiltration which helps reduce flooding;
  • Improved water quality, reduction of weed and algae species and greater ability to support aquatic and land-dwelling wildlife;
  • Improved condition of livestock due to cooler areas surrounding the waterway and reduction in pollutants entering the waterway.

Landholder Information

The first stage of the Franklin Vale Creek Initiative in 2019 partnered with three properties to make improvements that benefited property productivity as well as environmental values. Landowners within Franklin Vale Creek Catchment are welcome to inquire about partnering with council for future stages of the initiative. Contact council’s waterway improvement officer on (07) 3810 6666.

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