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Requests for use of Ipswich City Council logo and devices


City of Ipswich Community Logo Black The logo and registered devices and trademarks of the Ipswich City Council (ICC) and its subsidiary companies shall only be used by express and written permission of the Ipswich City Council, and in accordance with the guidelines.


The correct use of the Ipswich City Council logo and devices on stationery, brochures, published material, internet, buildings, vehicles or any other public display is an open acknowledgement to Council and the Community, that the displayer is proud to identify with the Ipswich City Council and its goals and values.

Who can request to use the logo?

Any individual, group, business, community organisation or school that has been supported in the way of in-kind or sponsorship agreements with Ipswich City Council may display the logo. Guidelines for correct use and display of the logo are provided in the document below. Permission to use the logo or devices does not include any guarantee of sponsorship.

Where can the logo be displayed?

Ipswich City Council logo may be displayed on written correspondence, documents, publications, internet, stationery, posters, buildings, billboards and vehicles upon receipt of written approval by the Ipswich City Council and in accordance with the guidelines for the specified period.

How can I request the logo?

  1. Please read the Guidelines for Use of the City of Ipswich Logo.
  2. If you wish to proceed, complete the online Application for Use of the City of Ipswich Logo (note: applications should be made two weeks in advance of any specific date for which you would like to use the ICC logo or devices).
  3. Once your submission has been reviewed, you will receive an email advising of the outcome of your application and enclosing a link to a webpage where you can download your chosen logo.
  4. A proof  of the intended artwork, including placement of the logo and devices, must be provided for approval by ICC prior to publication or display.