Bring the family and the dog to celebrate Ipswich's vibrant city heart

17 May 2022

Everyone is invited to participate in celebrations of Ipswich Central’s importance and vitality as the heart of our City – including our canine companions.

Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Chairperson Councillor Marnie Doyle said Main Streets of Australia Week from 16-22 May will include the launch of pet-friendly initiatives in Ipswich Central.

“We love our dogs in Ipswich and with more than 33,000 registered across the city, we want to showcase Ipswich Central as a dog-friendly place you can explore with your tail-wagging friends,” Cr Doyle said.

Cr Doyle said the Ipswich Central Partnership - a collaborative volunteer group of passionate local business owners, property owners and residents - had worked with council to deliver several actions.

“Working with council, the Ipswich Central Partnership has collected donated water bowls to offer to dog-friendly business throughout Ipswich Central and created ‘puppy parking’ locations in Top of Town,” Cr Doyle said.

Main Streets of Australia Week will include a temporary off-leash ‘pup-up’ dog park in d’Arcy Doyle Place from 4pm Friday 20 May to Sunday 22 May.

Cr Doyle said Main Streets of Australia Week celebrated the invaluable contribution of main streets and city centres to the local economy.

“Over the past few years we have begun to see the transformation of Ipswich Central into a cultural hub and beating heart of the Ipswich community,” Cr Doyle said.

“We have seen so much positive change in recent years, and the strong collaboration between the community, business and council, has strengthened Ipswich Central.

“Ipswich Central has unique offerings in all of its precincts with each contributing to a strong local economy.”

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said the modern concept of a ‘main street’ had shifted in recent years, with an emphasis now on activating the spaces between the buildings in new and creative ways.

“We can see this in action across Ipswich Central, as our city grows and evolves over time,” Cr Fechner said.

“Retail, food, leisure, health, community services and entertainment have come together in an ever-evolving feast of offerings and activities.

“The Nicholas Street Precinct is a work in progress with many exciting milestones to come but is already proving a destination for the community.

“Recent highlights include DogFest with around 3,500 attendees, the Bluey performances in April which enchanted about 5,000 children, parents and carers, and the regular Twilight and Handmade markets that attract thousands of people.

“Main streets create local spend, support local businesses and job opportunities, encourage social connection - benefits that lift Ipswich Central as a whole.”

Cr Fechner said there were plenty of ways you can be involved in Main Streets of Australia Week in Ipswich between 16-22 May.

“Snap a photo that shows what you love about Ipswich Central and share it to Instagram with #msaustweek and #mainstreetipswich,” Cr Fechner said.

“Local artist Tallman will be doing live painting on Bell Street, and chalk stations will be set up around the central area to encourage art and play.”

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