Building comes to life in Ipswich Central

28 October 2022

Innovative technology combining experiential design and architecture brings the Nicholas Street Precinct to life as six projectors are turned on, shining a light on the revitalisation of the city centre.

Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Chairperson Councillor Marnie Doyle said the projectors light up the precinct in glorious colour and movement, describing it as “a little bit of Times Square right here in Tulmur Place”.

“Each night these artistic projections will transform 70 metres of building façade, bringing dazzling light, colour and motion to the heart of Ipswich Central,” Cr Doyle said.

“The façade will create a stunning backdrop for events in Tulmur Place.

“Projections will include scenes from Ipswich’s past, helping to share our city’s story in a unique way, with designers and Ipswich Libraries Picture Ipswich collaborating to bring local historical images to life."

The building projections are designed to coordinate with the digital façade of council’s administration building, which features LED strips fitted to the sunshades, to make a dynamic statement in the Nicholas Street Precinct.

“These nightly light shows are an extra reason to visit Ipswich Central, to eat at one of the restaurants and linger to take in the projections,” Cr Doyle said.

“Council’s redevelopment of the Nicholas Street Precinct is continuing to reinvigorate Ipswich Central’s night-time tourism drawing both locals and visitors to enjoy what our city has to offer.

“With the Commonwealth Hotel and HOYTS Cinemas both set to open in the precinct in 2023, we are excited for the year ahead.”

Buchan were the lead architects on this five-year project that blends experiential design with architecture.

Buchan senior designer Patrick Shirley said other councils would look to Ipswich as exemplary in the design of its CBD and civic spaces.

“Ipswich will serve as a model that other councils, grappling with dying main-streets, will look up to,” Mr Shirley said.

“The redevelopment has given hope to the people of Ipswich who, for a long time, felt the centre of town was in decline.

“It has been a wonderful experience to collaborate with the council and its stakeholders on such a large scale and with a unified vision, to recreate this space where people can take their families to and want to hang out in.”