Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve temporarily closed

18 March 2022

Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve is temporarily closed after it sustained damage from fast rising and fast flowing flood waters.

Local Disaster Management Group Chair Mayor Teresa Harding said Ipswich City Council is onsite conducting a clean-up.

“Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve bore the brunt of the swollen Brisbane River during the heavy rain and flooding,” Mayor Harding said.

“While the Colleges Crossing bridge has reopened, the recreation reserve will remain closed for some time as the recovery and repair works will be significant.

“The café Colleges By The River was severely damaged as were recreation equipment and spaces.

“Crews are currently removing mud and silt from the roadways to allow access for further clean-up and large machinery.

“Arborists have been marking what trees can be saved and what has to be removed.

“They are taking immediate action to try and save the large Eucalyptus trees that have suffered scouring around their bases from the fast-moving flood waters.

“As we work through the clean-up, council engineers will be able to assess all of the internal roadways, paths, toilet blocks, structures, shelters and playground equipment to see what needs to be removed or repaired.”

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has offered their assistance in coming days.

“We look forward to having the ADF here adding to the workforce and bringing additional machinery to speed up the clean-up and recovery work,” Mayor Harding said.

“Some other parks and playgrounds have also been damaged during the flood and we are urging residents for their own safety, to not enter any parks that are closed or play on equipment in parks that are currently closed and taped off.

“Parks that remain either closed or partially closed include Kholo Gardens, River Heart Parklands, Robelle Domain and Pan Pacific Peace Gardens.

“We hope to continue opening up sections of flood impacted parks and reserves over coming weeks and months as work is completed.

“Council are continuing to work on flood recovery throughout the city while also maintaining usual services in council’s 550 parks and reserves.”

The Ipswich Flood Recovery information webpage can be accessed at