Ipswich’s sporting fields assessed after flood

18 March 2022

Sporting fields and facilities throughout Ipswich are being inspected and assessed by a team of engineers, electricians, parks officers and asset managers after the recent rain and flood left many of them damaged.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said council is onsite inspecting the grounds, lights, clubhouse and change room facilities.

“We understand the community is keen to get back on-field to play,” Mayor Harding said.

“There are about 100 of these facilities including fields, courts, tracks and clubhouses used by clubs and groups across Ipswich.

“We ask for your patience while council officers inspect, make safe, assess the damage, commence the clean-up, order parts and commence repairs on sporting fields and facilities.

“As this work takes place, some fields will be returned to use over coming weeks as council is able to mow and line mark those fields that are assessed as being safe to reopen.

“Other sporting fields and clubhouses will remain closed for some time as the recovery and repair works to lights and buildings will be significant.

“If the sporting ground’s facilities has been inundated by floodwater, council will need to undertake a full condition assessment of damaged assets and schedule a program of works for repairs which must follow a governance approval process that includes provisions to seek external funding for repairs.

“This will take time to complete a thorough assessment, but council is working diligently to get this completed to get sporting fields and facilities back to being fully operational.

“Council is liaising with Ipswich’s sporting clubs to find solutions around alternate training and game-day facilities so seasons can continue.”

The State Government has released funding support for eligible not-for-profit clubs and organisations including:

  • Level 1 Sport and Recreation Disaster Recovery Program - $5,000
  • QRIDA Extraordinary Disaster Assistance Recovery Grants - $50,000

More information on this funding is available at:

The Ipswich Flood Recovery information webpage can be accessed at Ipswich.qld.gov.au/floodrecovery