PREPARE TO LEAVE WARNINGS issued as flash flooding to occur in low lying Ipswich areas

26 February 2022

Low lying suburbs in Ipswich and those next to creeks and rivers are at risk of flooding as heavy rainfall continues to drench South East Queensland.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has issued a flood warning for the Bremer River and Warrill Creek as river levels are expected to exceed major flood levels (11.7 metres) at the David Trumpy Bridge gauge by 7am this morning (Saturday).

Local Disaster Management Group Chair Mayor Teresa Harding said, “To put this in context, the 2011 floods saw levels reach 19.4 metres at the David Trumpy Bridge gauge.”

“While we are not anticipating the same degree of flooding, we are already seeing several cases of localised inundation and street closures and if heavy rains continue, there may be numerous low lying suburbs including Bundamba, Goodna and Silkstone at greater risk.”

Ipswich City Council has issued PREPARE TO LEAVE warnings for low lying areas along Bundamba Creek, Woogaroo Creek, Bremer River and Warrill Creek as at 10.45pm Friday 25 Feb 2022.

Other low lying areas likely to be impacted include Black Snake Creek, Deebing Creek, Goodna Creek, Purga Creek, Six Mile Creek, Creek, Upper Bremer River (Walloon and westward), Woogaroo Creek, Western Creek.

Ipswich City Council advises that the Rosewood Detention Basin on Masons Gully is spilling.

Residents downstream of the detention basin which includes: Matthew Street, Berlin Street and Smith Lane, the bottom of John Street, Walloon Road and Trevlac Street need to monitor conditions.

Council advises that the Marburg Detention Basin on Black Snake Creek is spilling.

Residents north of the detention basin which includes: those in the vicinity of Rosewood-Marburg Road, Main Street, Queen Street and Edmond Street need to monitor conditions.

The heavy rains have already led to numerous closures including Hardings Paddock Campgrounds and Flinders Plum Picnic Area, Bob Gamble Splash Play Park will be closed until at least Sunday.

Robelle Domain and the Ipswich Nature Centre are also closed until the weather improves.

Mayor Harding went on to say there is plenty people can do now to be ready should flood conditions worsen.

“The first thing we encourage everyone to do is stay connected to what is going on, up to date information can be found on council’s Disaster Dashboard at

“Council has also opened up a Place of Refuge at the Ipswich Showgrounds, which is a place people can shelter out of the rain and access toilet facilities.

“We have also sent an Emergency Alert text message to the entire Local Government Area, with links back to the Disaster Dashboard for further information.

“I would like to encourage those in low lying areas in particular to have an evacuation plan in place and have an emergency kit prepared.

“More information on how to prepare for floods can be found on council’s website by searching for ‘be flood ready’.”

Council also encourages those using the Place of Refuge to check the Red Cross website for the Register, Find, Reunite application, which helps keep track of people during emergency events.