Help protect a Character Place with your nomination

15 May 2023

Do you know a place that has character and heritage value?

Character Place Nominations are currently being sought for any place, including a building, site or monument, that is significant and in the Ipswich local government area.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said council wanted to ensure the unique heritage of Ipswich was retained for future generations.

“Our character places showcase who we are, providing us with a sense of belonging and identity,” Mayor Harding said.

“These places help us remember our past people, events, eras and traditions. They connect us with our history to share, preserve and revive traditions together, highlighting who we are as a community and as a city.

“Council wants to acknowledge, appreciate and protect our heritage and the best way to do that is through our Character Place Nominations.”

The F. Goleby & Sons building on the corner of Brisbane and West streets is one example of a place that received character protection to preserve its historical and aesthetic characteristics.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Deputy Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully said it only took about 10 minutes to nominate a place.

“From the Shape Your Ipswich website, residents can firstly check if the place they have in mind is on the list of Schedule 2 Character Places,” Cr Tully said.

“You then leave a few details, and if possible, upload any photographs or supporting documentation you may have.

“Of course, we know that computers could be challenging, so you can also call 3810 6666 and speak to someone from the heritage team who will be able to assist you.”

Ipswich Historical Society President Hugh Taylor said it was great initiative from council.

“Ipswich is a place rich in history and cultural heritage and I would encourage everyone to have a look around their local area at any significant sites,” Mr Taylor said.

“For example, the Coffin Holes series of waterholes towards Bundamba Creek in Blackstone is an example of a place that could be considered.”

To be eligible for the local heritage register, a place must have at least one of the following significant features: historical, scientific, typological, aesthetic and/or spiritual.

For more details and to nominate, visit Character Place Nomination at Shape Your Ipswich

Now is also the perfect time to check your favourite and cherished places to make sure they are protected in the draft Ipswich Planning Scheme, Ipswich Plan 2024, which is open for public consultation from 15 May to 16 July.

Submissions are encouraged on the places to protect, as well as the controls in the planning scheme that deal with new development and works to character places.

For more information, please see New Ipswich Planning Scheme at Shape Your Ipswich.