Historic buildings make comeback to Ipswich Central with new mural

03 April 2023

A spectacular 83-metre-long, 3-metre-high mural now pays homage to the Lost Buildings of Ipswich Central in Bottle Alley.

Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee Chairperson and Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said the mural was now complete and the alley reopened to pedestrians.

The mural blends Ipswich’s native flora and fauna with imagery of some former Ipswich city centre buildings, now lost to time.

“Artists Sharon Billinge and Karla Hayes have worked magic, bringing images of Ipswich’s lost city buildings to life along the walls of Bottle Alley,” Cr Doyle said.

“Their completed mural is a walk back through time, honouring some of Ipswich’s oldest businesses including the Beirne or Waltons building, the Rockman building, formerly Fleischmanns, the Whitehouse Café, and Hoopers.

“Now visitors to Ipswich Central will take a trip down memory lane as they walk through Bottle Alley, enjoying glimpses of Ipswich’s past.”

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said public art creates city spaces that people want to visit, explore, and return to.

“Artwork helps build a strong sense of place, and this wonderful new mural does just that, linking Ipswich’s past, present and future,” Cr Fechner said.

“This mural further demonstrates council’s commitment to championing art and creativity in Ipswich, and we look forward to seeing future murals by local artists joining our city’s street art walk.”

More information about the ‘Reimaging Bottle Alley’ project is available on Shape Your Ipswich.

The previous mural that was in Bottle Alley was photographed in 2017 before its removal and has been documented through dozens of photos on Picture Ipswich.