New Milestone: 100 Homes Bought Back in Ipswich

18 September 2023

  • 100 Ipswich homes have now settled under the Albanese and Palaszczuk Governments Voluntary Home Buy-Back program.
  • To date, 148 offers accepted for buy-back in Ipswich following the 2021-22 flooding event.
  • 57 Ipswich homes have been demolished or removed.
  • Across South East Queensland over 500 offers have been accepted by homeowners.

One hundred Ipswich homes have now been bought back as part of the Resilient Homes Fund, enabling families to sell flood-impacted properties and be freed from future flood risk.

The program, a jointly funded initiative delivered through Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA), was established in May 2022 following the catastrophic 2021-22 rainfall and flooding events.

In Ipswich, 100 sale contracts have now been settled, and 57 homes have been demolished or removed, removing flood-affected residents from harm’s way.

In total, 148 homeowners have accepted offers for buy-back out of the 207 offers which have been presented to homeowners so far.

Quotes attributable to the Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann:

“The Resilient Homes Fund is delivering peace of mind to Ipswich locals who can now move away from repeatedly flood-prone suburbs and set up in safer areas. I’m very pleased to see the progress and congratulate all levels of government for hitting this important milestone in keeping Queenslanders safe.

“There are still offers on the table which homeowners are considering, so we expect this number to keep growing.”

Quotes attributable to Bundamba MP Lance McCallum: 

“The settlement of 100 Ipswich homes through the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program represents a significant milestone.

“The 2021-22 floods, which caused damage to almost 7,000 homes, were one of the state’s most devastating natural disasters.

“The Resilient Homes Fund was developed to help Queenslanders who were impacted by this catastrophic event, while voluntary home buy-back was identified for homes that were the most severely impacted and also at the greatest risk of future flooding.

“Here in Ipswich, almost 300 homes have been identified for buy-back. More than 200 offers have been presented to homeowners, and almost 150 offers have been accepted so far.

“Having 100 homes settled under the program means that 100 Ipswich families can move on with their lives. It also ensures that no future resident will have to suffer the same devastating impact of flooding in that location again.

“I’m proud to be part of a Government that’s providing these program funds to Ipswich City Council to purchase the land, with all homes purchased under the program demolished or removed, and then re-zoned to non-residential uses.”

Quotes attributable to the Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding:

“Having 100 homes settled under the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program means 100 chances for residents, many of whom have endured multiple floods, to find a new home.

“It is incredibly exciting to see such a major milestone met. Many Ipswich residents who have sold up under the scheme tell us how relieved they are to be free of the stress of living under high flood risk, and hopeful for their new futures.

“QRA and council have worked closely together to identify eligible homes and work with residents to progress through the purchase process and finally settle these properties.

“Homes in some of Ipswich’s worst impacted suburbs such as Goodna, North Booval and Bundamba have been purchased under this innovative program.

“These houses are demolished or relocated depending on their condition, and the land rehabilitated and re-zoned by council to a non-habitable use.

“As we move through the program and re-zone the land, council will engage with the Ipswich community to develop a plan for the best future use for these empty lots.”

Quotes attributable to the Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson Deputy Mayor Russell Milligan:

“This program has made a real difference in people’s lives and has also enabled Ipswich City Council to be better prepared for future flood events.

“Practical ways to reduce the devastating impacts of floods on our communities are critical as Australia faces the increasing impacts of climate change.

“We have seen the positive impacts of this program across Ipswich and council is proud to have worked so closely with the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments to achieve this important milestone.”

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Further information:

More than 6,500 homeowners registered for the Resilient Homes Fund, which also includes Home Raising and Resilient Retrofit programs, prior to registrations closing on 30 July 2023.

The Department of Energy and Public Works is managing the delivery of the retrofitting and house-raising components of the Resilient Homes Fund, while the Queensland Reconstruction Authority is managing the Voluntary Home Buy-Back program together with local government.

Number of Voluntary Home Buy-Back properties in Ipswich:

  • Goodna – 51
  • Bundamba – 11
  • North Booval – 9
  • East Ipswich – 7
  • West Ipswich – 4
  • Karalee – 4
  • Tivoli – 3
  • Churchill – 3
  • Wulkuraka – 2
  • Barellan Point – 2
  • One Mile – 2
  • Basin Pocket – 1
  • Moores Pocket – 1

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