ARTiculate your talent in specialised workshops for creatives

20 February 2024

Ipswich City Council’s popular ARTiculate workshops have returned for 2024 featuring two workshops specifically targeting our local singers, song writers and musicians.

ARTiculate, delivered as part of council’s Creative Industries Action Plan and featuring expert local and internationally established facilitators, has been designed to provide creatives with the resources and skills they need to thrive.

Ipswich City Council Chief Executive Officer Sonia Cooper said council is proud that ARTiculate has been a successful program with approximately 400 people participating last year.

This year’s workshops are based on the feedback received from attendees and community members on what support they need to turn their passion into profit and sustainability.

“The workshops have been crafted to help people secure funding from grants, learn how to develop winning proposals and overall teach creatives how to earn from your art,” Ms Cooper said.

“This year we are delighted to be teaming up with QMusic and the Live Music Office to deliver Music Industry Development workshops that will feature speakers from Yonder Festival, APRA AMCOS and Media Arts Lawyers.”

Ms Cooper urged Ipswich creatives to check out the special music focused workshops starting on Monday 4 March at Banshees Bar and Artspace in Ipswich Central.

“The creative industries are a vital part of Ipswich, and we want to support and nurture the talent that exists here.

“Last year the ARTiculate workshops provided a platform to support local visual artists to submit strong applications in Flying Arts Alliance’s Queensland Regional Art Awards (QRAA).

“Local artist Kathryn Neilsen attended Articulate and submitted a piece to the QRAA and was selected to be featured in the Emerging Artist Exhibition.

“In addition, ARTiculate attendees Cynthia Copley, Grant Quinn, Jodi Bowen and Kirsty O’Brien have also been selected to be part of different exhibitions because of their QRAA entries.

Workshops cover a range of topics including:

  • How to build a good reputation as a musician and how to be strategic in your approach
  • Event planning to understand what steps need to be taken to deliver a successful activation
  • Understanding social media management and content creation; and
  • Goal Setting for Creatives to help you step out what you need to achieve your dreams.

For more information and to register for workshops visit

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