Enviroplan continues to deliver for Ipswich

04 January 2024

Ipswich City Council’s Enviroplan Program is continuing to deliver positive outcomes for residents, with the latest progress report revealing greater focus on landowner conservation support, and hazard mitigation.

Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson Deputy Mayor Russell Milligan said the Enviroplan Annual Progress Report 2022-2023 detailed how ratepayers’ levies benefited the city.

“Ipswich was one of the first local governments to introduce a levy focused on protecting and enhancing our natural environment,” Deputy Mayor Milligan said.

“Since then, the community and council have worked together to implement the Enviroplan Program and deliver against the newly adopted Natural Environment Strategy, creating a strong partnership.

“Spanning more than 6,700 hectares of conservation land, the Ipswich Enviroplan portfolio reported a total spend of $3.9 million in 2022-2023, on the acquisition of conservation land, partnerships, planning and environmental management.

“Through the Enviroplan and levy, council has previously successfully restored formerly cleared locations such as the popular Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve, and Haig Street Quarry Bushland Reserve.

“This year’s annual report detailed an increase in hazard mitigation and fuel reduction in anticipation of the early and high-risk bush fire season.

“We also prioritised landowner conservation partnership, including a landholder support day, to provide education and advice for property owners on how best to care for their natural environment.

“Our city’s urban biodiversity is crucial to the overall wellbeing of our residents, our rivers, reserves and native wildlife and council is proud to champion our natural environment.”

The full Enviroplan 2022-2023 Annual Report is available on council’s website.