Community called on to shape the future of Ipswich

22 February 2022

Ipswich residents have the opportunity to lend their experience and voice to Ipswich City Council’s decision-making, by getting involved in community panels that will help shape the city now and into the future.

Policy in place to repair rough spots on rural roads

18 February 2022

A new policy to repair dangerous rural roads has been adopted by Ipswich City Council, which will see council crews undertake repairs to dangerous hazards on unmaintained roads when crews are in the area and it’s safe to do so.

Collaboration on catchment vision improves waterway health

17 February 2022

Vital Ipswich river systems will benefit from collaboration to improve waterway health at Franklin Vale Creek.

Free kerbside collection commencing in Flinders View and Yamanto

17 February 2022

It’s time to clean out the spare room or under the house as Ipswich City Council’s free large item kerbside collection begins on 28 February 2022 for one week in Flinders View and Yamanto.

Ipswich residents left waiting for new bus services

17 February 2022

The expansion of the bus network within Ipswich has not kept up with the population growth experienced within the city, with fewer bus routes and patronage lower than what it was a decade ago.

Council calls forum to discuss Chuwar motocross impacts

16 February 2022

Chuwar residents, raceway operators, and council will meet to discuss community concerns about operations at the Chuwar motocross site on 24 February, in response to concerns raised by the community.

Memorabilia auction to fund domestic and family violence prevention

15 February 2022

Proceeds from the online auction of almost 400 items following the dismissal of the former Ipswich City Council will be used to raise awareness in the community of the destructive impacts of domestic and family violence.

Mobile nurseries to deliver 120,000 free plants to residents

14 February 2022

More than 100,000 free plants are up for grabs in 2022, many of which will be brought to the suburbs of Ipswich in the coming months as part of Ipswich City Council’s Free Plant Program.

Community help needed to redesign Richardson Park

11 February 2022

Now’s your chance to have your say on the design of the Richardson Park Playground and help council turn the park which overlooks the Brisbane River at Brisbane Terrace Goodna, into an exciting and colourful adventure playground for Ipswich’s youngest residents to enjoy.

Mayor lays out Ipswich priorities for Prime Minister

11 February 2022

Major infrastructure shortfalls, significant population growth, and resource recovery were top of the list when Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding sat down with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and other senior members of Parliament this week.