Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve temporarily closed

18 March 2022

Colleges Crossing Recreation Reserve is temporarily closed after it sustained damage from fast rising and fast flowing flood waters.

Troops embedded in Ipswich’s flood-impacted suburbs

18 March 2022

The number of troops on the ground in Ipswich’s flood-impacted suburbs has risen to 451 as the Australian Defence Force (ADF) supports Ipswich City Council and assists Ipswich residents.

Ipswich’s sporting fields assessed after flood

18 March 2022

Sporting fields and facilities throughout Ipswich are being inspected and assessed by a team of engineers, electricians, parks officers and asset managers after the recent rain and flood left many of them damaged.

Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor leads council’s election hit list

18 March 2022

The Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor (I2S) tops a list of critical infrastructure projects that will form Ipswich City Council’s hit list in the lead up to the Federal Election.

Free scheduled large kerbside collection to recommence

17 March 2022

Free scheduled city-wide large item kerbside collection service will recommence after it was paused while council redirected resources to flood-affected areas to best support the city’s recovery.

Road to recovery free from mounds of flood waste

17 March 2022

The massive disaster effort across Ipswich’s flooded suburbs is transitioning to a city rebuilding phase as the piles of flood waste are cleared away.

City applauds community for their contribution to the recovery effort

16 March 2022

Stories of generosity and resilience have emerged in the aftermath of the flood as the Ipswich community has pulled together to help one another.

Adrenaline-charged festival Planes, Trains and Autos returns to Ipswich

16 March 2022

Ipswich’s skies will become an aerobatic playground for historic warbirds above sprawling automotive and locomotive displays as Planes, Trains and Autos returns to The Workshops Rail Museum on Saturday 30 April 2022.

100 invasive Ipswich weeds catalogued in new book and field guide

15 March 2022

Local gardeners and avid green thumbs will soon more easily spot invasive plants when council launches a new book to support community identification of environmental weeds impacting Ipswich.

Mosquito control program ramps-up after flood

14 March 2022

Recent wet weather and flooding has created perfect conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.