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Landholder Partnerships Program

As part of Council’s Enviroplan initiative, there are a number of partnerships between a land owner and Council that supports landholders in caring for our environment.

There are four Voluntary Conservation Agreements (VCA) to suit the needs of individual land owners and properties. All VCAs are voluntary and do not restrict future sale of land. Support may include; annual land management payments, newsletters and educational materials, weed control rebates and free plants.

To sign up to the programs or for more information on any of the partnerships please contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 or email:

Nature Conservation Agreements

Nature Conservation PartnershipThis agreement offers the highest level of support for the land owner. The Nature Conservation Agreement is available to land owners committed to conserving the environment with properties situated in a designated conservation zone with large areas of high ecological value. If properties are not within this zone, landowners are given the option to voluntarily change the zone. This agreement is ideally suited to properties of 10,000 m2 (1 ha) and above.

The Nature Conservation Agreement benefits include:

  • The highest level of annual land management payments
  • Priority eligibility for Ipswich City Council's annual Nature Conservation Grant for land management projects (subject to selection and approval criteria)
  • Invitation to special events and activities
  • Up to 200 free plants each year
  • Access to newsletters, workshops and more.

Nature Conservation Grants

The Nature Conservation Grant program aims to support tangible conservation outcomes on private land. The grant provides partnering landowners with an opportunity to undertake on-ground activities to rehabilitate degraded landscapes, protect and improve habitat and biodiversity and improve the climate resilience of Ipswich's natural environment.

For further information refer to the Nature Conservation Gants - Applicant Guidelines.

Apply via the online Nature Conservation Grants Application Form.

Bushland Conservation Agreement

Bushland Conservati PartnershipThis agreement is for properties within the Rural E (Special Land Management) Zone. Options exist for the landholder to change their existing zone to suit the eligibility of this agreement. The agreement offers a lower level of land management payment and caters for properties with medium ecological values existing on the property. The Bushland Conservation Agreement is ideally suited to properties of 10,000 m2 (1 ha) and above.

The Bushland Conservation Agreement benefits include:

  • Annual land management payments
  • Eligibility for Ipswich City Council's annual Nature Conservation Grant for land management projects (subject to selection and approval criteria)
  • Invitation to special events and activities
  • Up to 200 free plants each year
  • Access to newsletters, workshops and more.

Waterways Conservation Agreement

Waterways Conservation PartnershipThe Waterways Conservation Agreement is suitable for properties situated in a strategic linkage on waterways identified by Council's Nature Conservation Strategy and waterway-mapping layers. This agreement is suitable for any property size within an adjoining waterway.

Waterways Conservation Agreement landowners are eligible for:

  • Access to the annual Nature Conservation Grant funding for land management projects (subject to selection and approval criteria)
  • Invitation to special events and activities
  • Up to 200 free plants each year
  • Access to newsletters, workshops and more.

Koala Conservation Agreement

This agreement offers specialised support for koalas within Ipswich. The Koala Conservation Agreement is available to landholders whose property has habitat suitable for koalas or has potential to restore habitat to support iconic species (specifically koalas). These habitat values can be identified through SPP Koala Habitat Mapping as well as the Ipswich Nature Conservation Strategy 2015. The integration of conservation with other land use types such as grazing is an important outcome of this agreement, there is an emphasis on exclusion zones for the purpose of habitat rehabilitation and species protection. This agreement is ideally suited to properties of 10,000 m2 (1 ha) and above.Koala Conservation Partnership

Koala Conservation Agreement landowners are eligible for:

  • Ipswich City Council's annual Nature Conservation Grant
  • A maximum of 500 free trees for the first 12 months, followed by 200 free trees annually, OR
  • Up to $3,000.00 in grant funding for predator-exclusion fencing (applications will be assessed against specific criteria and on ground assessments made by a Council officer)
  • Access to newsletters, workshops and more.

Land for Wildlife

Land For Life LogoLand for Wildlife is a voluntary scheme that encourages and assists private landholders to provide habitat for wildlife on their property. It provides recognition for landholders committed to conserving the environment, even though the property may be managed primarily for other purposes, e.g. grazing.

If you wish to protect wildlife habitat on your property the Land for Wildlife scheme can offer you advice and on-ground assistance. Whether you manage a farm, bush block or small acreage, all you need is a hectare or more of native vegetation.

Land for Wildlife members are eligible for:

  • Invitation to special events and activities
  • Up to 200 free plants each year
  • Access to newsletters, workshops and more.

Habitat Gardens Partnership

Habitat Gardens PartnershipThe Habitat Gardens Partnership is for owners of properties under one hectare interested in providing habitat for native animals. This program is ideally suited to properties in an urbanised setting where our native flora and fauna is struggling to compete against increasing pressures from humans and introduced plants and animals.

Please note: this program is strictly for properties not eligible for Council's Voluntary Conservation Agreements.

If you want to create a native garden with all the right food plants and nesting places for our native fauna then this is the program for you.

Habitat Gardens Partnership participants are eligible for:

To apply for a Habitat Gardens Partnership, please visit Council's Online Services portal and follow the steps below:

  • If not already registered, click 'Register' at the top right hand corner of the screen
  • Fill in your name, contact details and online username details, click 'Next', then create and confirm your password and submit
  • If already registered, click 'Sign In' at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please note the 20 free native plants are divided into two categories:

  • For residential landholders 6 plants of any species may be selected by yourself as per your rates notice.
  • The additional 20 free plants, as part of the Habitat Gardens Program, must be native plant species in native tube stock - Council nursery staff will help to ensure you obtain the correct species for your situation.

Environmental Weed Control Rebate

Please note: The Environmental Weed Control Rebate will no longer be offered by Ipswich City Council from 1 July 2019.

Weeds in general are defined simply as a plant growing in the wrong place at the wrong time. An environmental weed can be defined as an exotic or even an Australian native plant species growing outside its natural range or distribution. Environmental weeds have the ability to invade our bushland areas and potentially have a negative impact on the structure of that environment.

The existence of environmental weeds is one of the most important issues in the on-going protection and management of Ipswich City's natural resources. On a national scale, weeds are one of the most serious threats to Australia's environment and primary production resources.

Ipswich City Council has an Environmental Weed Control Rebate (EWCR) Program to assist private land owners to control environmental weeds.

What is the Environmental Weed Control Rebate (EWCR)?

The EWCR provides a financial incentive for private land owners to control environmental weeds. The rebate is funded through the Ipswich Enviroplan and covers 50% of the cost of contractor work or herbicide purchase, up to the maximum rebate amount.

How much is the rebate?

For the majority of Ipswich landowners, the maximum rebate available is $600.00 per financial year (exclusive of GST), per rates assessment number. Those currently in a Council Landholder Partnership are eligible for higher rebates, maximum rebates are outlined below:

Landholder Partnership Maximum Rebate (exclusive of GST)
Nature Conservation Agreement $1,000 per annum
Bushland Conservation Agreement $1,000 per annum
Waterways Conservation Agreement $800 per annum
Koala Conservation Agreement $800 per annum
Land for Wildlife Partner $800 per annum
Habitat Gardens Partner $800 per annum
  • The rebate covers 50% of the costs of contractor works or herbicide purchase, up to your maximum eligible rebate amount.
  • Works considered to be harmful to surrounding native vegetation or waterways will not be approved.
  • The rebate is subject to funding availability and may become unavailable before the end of the financial year.

What weeds are eligible?

The below table details the weeds that are eligible for the Environmental Weed Control Rebate in the Ipswich City Council area.

Species Name Common Name
Asparagus africanus, Asparagus plumosus Asparagus Fern
Celtis sinensis Chinese Elm, Celtis
Lantana spp. Lantana (all species)
Macfadyena unguis-cati Cat's Claw Creeper

(The Weeds List is reviewed annually.)

What control works are eligible?

The Environmental Weed Control Rebate is available for works where:

  • A registered contractor is required to complete the control works; or
  • The purchase of herbicide is required to control weeds on your property.
  • The rebate is only eligible for works to be conducted on privately owned land.

How do I apply?

  • Complete online application form: Environmental Weed Control Rebate Application Form
  • Photographs included in application: from 1 July 2018 all applications are required to be submitted with a closeup photo of the foliage and a before photo of the area to be treated. All acquittals for applications submitted from 1 July 2018 must include an after photo of the area treated - this photo must be taken from the same location as the before photo. See example photographs below of the type of closeup, before and after photos that should be included in your application:
Lantana - Closeup Photo Lantana - Before Photo Lantana - After Photo
lantana-closeup  lantana-before-photo  Lantana - After Photo 
  • For assistance please contact the Applications Team on (07) 3810 6666.

How long does it take?

Your application will be assessed and you will be notified of the outcome within 10 working days.
If your application is approved, you then have 60 days to:

  1. Complete the weed control works on your property,
  2. Make your payment directly (either to the contractor or supplier of herbicide), keep the itemised receipt for reimbursement, and
  3. Complete an acquittal to claim your rebate by providing details of works completed on your property, including evidence of treatment i.e. photos, map and receipts as evidence of expenditure.
  4. Once you have acquitted the rebate and provide all relevant evidence to Ipswich City Council, the approved reimbursement amount will be deposited directly into your bank account within 15 working days.

For more information on weed species and control methods visit the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and to find out how you can live sustainably to protect our environment visit Sustainable Ipswich.

More Information

  • Free Plant Program: the Free Plant Program is available for all residents. Up to 6 free plants are available per annum and plants can be obtained from Council’s nurseries.  More plants are available per year for residents on a landholder partnership agreement.
  • Educational material: a range of fact sheets, booklets and brochures are available covering a range of environmental and recreational topics. More information is available under Environmental Education.
  • Environmental volunteering: there are also a number of opportunities for environmental volunteering with Council and other organisations. Individual volunteer opportunities include the Queens Park Environmental Education Centre, Ipswich Nature Centre and community environmental events. View all of the volunteer opportunities. Organisational and corporate volunteering is also available through tree planting days. This can include weeding, planting and maintenance at a strategic location in the city to ensure maximum environmental benefits for the community, offering:
    • A great team building activity in a fun environment
    • Assisting in rehabilitating waterways, parks and nature reserves
    • Contributing to a greener, brighter and sustainable future for yourself and the people of Ipswich
    • Learning about sustainable living and helping the environment
    • A marketing opportunity to show the community how you are caring for our environment
    • Contributing to leading a healthy lifestyle
    • Develop a sense of achievement through helping the environment
    • Local natives will be planted to boost biodiversity
    • Offset your carbon footprint
    • Site preparation and trees for planting
    • Ongoing maintenance of your trees

For further assistance and information please contact Ipswich City Council on (07) 3810 6666.