Ipswich has one of the most diverse ranges of natural vegetation types in South East Queensland, being home to a large number of native flora and fauna and over 2,000 recorded species of native plants and animals. The Ipswich Enviroplan Program supports the identification, protection and maintenance of vital ecosystems and natural environmental values.

Enviroplan 25 years stampCelebrating 25 years

Enviroplan celebrated its 25 year milestone in 2021. Details of celebrations and achievements are included in the Enviroplan 25 Years program.

Ipswich Libraries' Picture Ipswich created a timeline of Ipswich Enviroplan which shows how the conservation initiative has grown since its launch.

Enviroplan Program

Ever since the seeds of Ipswich Enviroplan were planted by council in 1996, the community and environment have been reaping the rewards. Ipswich Enviroplan is a clear recognition that identifying, protecting and maintaining the health of vital ecosystems and natural environmental values is a priority in creating a sustainable and liveable community.

Enviroplan is guided by council's Natural Environment Policy (PDF, 399.4 KB) and the funding is allocated and managed according to the Ipswich Enviroplan Policy (PDF, 407.3 KB).

Conservation planning

Enviroplan supports the delivery of citywide landscape planning, management and research activities which can include ecological studies, mapping and ecosystem recovery development.

Land acquisition

Strategic properties are considered for voluntary acquisition based on criteria such as protection of significant species, habitats or landscapes, consolidation within council’s conservation estates, enhancing water quality and catchments and supporting nature-based recreation. Read more on the Enviroplan Levy page.

Estate management

Council’s investment in managing and improving our natural area estates spans a wide range of actions, from building and maintaining service tracks and recreational trails, habitat restoration works, installing and maintaining environmental education signage and facilities, visitor management and preserving aboriginal cultural heritage.

Community partnerships

Enviroplan funds assist with delivery of a range of community on-ground and education activities, including voluntary conservation agreements with private landowners, community grants and events, nature conservation education resources and access to technical assistance. This includes the Landholders Conservation Partnerships Program.

Read more in the Ipswich Enviroplan Booklet

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