For information about filming in Ipswich, please refer to Council’s film website at or phone the Office of Economic Development on (07) 3810 6938.

Note: Submitting an application does not guarantee approval. If approved a licence will be issued.

Important information

It is highly recommended you read through the Application prior to submitting, as your application may require supporting documentation such as, Traffic Control Permit and Public Liability Insurance Policy which could delay the processing of your application.

Please note: The following conditions will apply to any permit issued:

  • Unless written consent is obtained, parkland visitors or retailers are not to be approached for inclusion in shots.
  • No photo or film may be taken of adults or children engaged in private acts or fully or partially nude.

Applicant Details

Is your postal address same as above?

Production Details

Production Type
(eg. Feature film, Documentary etc)

Ipswich City Council prides itself on offering its full support to the film and TV industry. To assist Council to estimate the significant economic impact of film and TV projects in the Ipswich region, and to seek greater assistance and funding for various programs, we request the following information:

(please note this information is for internal purposes only and the figure provided is not for external publication)

Production Schedule

Please attach a site map for each location.

Note: Council is to be immediately informed in writing of any alterations to the filming schedule.

Location 1

Roads and Footpath

A Traffic Control Permit is required for the temporary closure of traffic lanes, shoulders, medians, verges or footpaths.

Please select the "proposed use" below.

Type of use

Traffic Control Permits are only issued to companies registered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads Traffic Management Registration Scheme. Application forms are to be completed by a Traffic Control company.

Further information and the Traffic Control Permit Application Form can be found at

Traffic Control Permit Application Form

(Details such as ‘various streets’ are unacceptable; if more than one street is involved, attach a separate list with full details)

Traffic Control Company

Request for Timed and Metered Car Parking Spaces

Do you wish to park vehicles for times in excess of regulated hours

If unable to provide vehicle registration details at the time of application, details must be provided to Council prior to filming.

On Site Vehicle Access

Do you require vehicle access other than on designated roads eg. parks, provide vehicle details.

Special Requirements

(Tick if applicable and describe)
Explosives/Fireworks/Firearms are only permissable in specific locations. An appropriately licensed explosives/fireworks/firearms operator must be responsible for the display.

Project Management Arrangements


No fees are required for a Film Production Licence, however depending on location and complexity, a bond may apply. If a bond is required you will be contacted by an officer from Council’s Application Team.

For further clarification, please contact Council’s Application Team on (07) 3810 6666.

Public Liability Insurance

The applicant must hold a current Public Liability Insurance (PLI) policy with a minimum cover of $10 million throughout the permit period.

The insurance company must be licenced to operate in Australia. A copy of the PLI policy must be submitted with the application.


Allowed file types PDF, Word documents and Images. Maximum file size is 2MB each.

To attach your documents: click Browse and select your document(s).


The following documents are to be submitted with your application


Note: Providing false information may render you liable to legal action.

Privacy Statement

Ipswich City Council is collecting your personal information in accordance with Local Law No. 3 (Commercial Licensing) so that we can assess your application. We will not disclose your personal information outside of Council unless we are required by law or have been given your consent. By completing and signing this form and returning it to Council, we will consider that you have given us your consent to manage your personal information in the manner described in Council’s Privacy Statement, Personal Information Digest and this collection notice.