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Ageing is an inevitable part of life and what is important is the quality of life that an individual experiences during the remaining years of their lives.  With growth expected in Ipswich City, it is anticipated that Ipswich City like other areas will have a growing aging population.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), trends over the last 10 years show that the percentage of seniors aged 65years and older has increased from 2.8% in 2001 to 3.2% in 2011. 

However, when our city's age profile is compared with Queensland, Ipswich City is significantly younger in age, whereas, Queensland has a higher proportion of older people. 

The ABS Census shows that the median age recorded among Queenslanders grew from 35 years of age to 37 years of age from 2001 to 2011. On the other hand, Ipswich City's median age was noted to be 32 years of age in both 2001 and 2011 Census periods.

Ipswich Council plays an active role in ensuring that it ensures that the wellbeing of all Ipswich residents is enhanced regardless of their age group.

Ipswich City Council embraces the following principles:

  • Promote positive community attitudes towards and acceptance of older people and their right to independence, self-determination, dignity and choice.
  • Value the skills, resources and diversity of older people and provide older people with an opportunity to grow to their fullest capacity and make a life long contribution to the community.
  • Provide access to appropriate information, employment, training, learning, housing, transport, cultural, recreational, safety, security and care services that are appropriate to the diverse needs of older people.
  • Encourage partnerships within the community that enable people to age positively and within a supported environment.

Ipswich City Heart Cabs Program

Travel from home to your local Shopping Centre for only $2.00 each way person.

Eligible members of the community (seniors, people with disabilities and their carers) will be allowed to travel by taxi from home to their designated shopping precinct for only $2.00.  This is an initiative of Ipswich City Council in partnership with Yellow Cabs.

How does the program work?

The service is available in selected suburbs and will operate on designated days (see below for more information).  To book a taxi, you will need to contact Yellow Cabs on (07) 3363 2373 before midday on the day before you wish to travel.  Then, on the date requested, the taxi will pick you up from your home at approximately 9.00am and take you to your designated shopping precinct.  You will then be collected by taxi at 12.30pm and returned home.

Who is eligible to participate in the Program?

You must be in receipt of a full Australian Government Age Pension or a full Disability Support Pension, and your carer (if applicable) must be in receipt of a full Australian Government Carer's Allowance. In addition, you must reside in an approved suburb. 

See below for suburb listing and participating Shopping Centres:
Bundamba residents can now travel to Booval Fair

Booval Fair (PDF, 612.3 KB)
Brassall Shopping Centre (PDF, 417.3 KB)
Orion Town Centre (PDF, 595.4 KB)
Riverlink Ipswich City Square (PDF, 627.7 KB)

For more information please contact Ipswich City Council Seniors & Disabilities Community Development Officer, Karri Browne, ph: (07) 3810 6646 or email:

The Ipswich City Council Seniors Consultative Group

This Group meets every month and comprises of both Council and community representatives.

The objectives of the Seniors Consultative Group are to assist Ipswich City Council to achieve its commitment to the principles of social justice as outlined in its Corporate Philosophy and embraced in its Corporate Plan, with particular emphasis on enhancing the quality of life of our older citizens, and supporting their value as important and contributing members of our community by:

  • Addressing ageism and ageist attitudes;
  • Promoting health, physical activity and social participation in community life;
  • Increase dissemination of information; and
  • Provide an avenue for the group to advise and report identified issues that can be resolved by Council.

For more information please contact the Seniors & Disabilities Community Development Officer for Ipswich City Council, Karri Browne, ph: (07) 3810 6646 or email:

Ageing with vitality: Your everyday guide to healthy active living

This resource is full of tips, real-life stories and sample exercises to make being healthy and active fun.  The guide suggests everyday activities and exercises for strength, balance, flexibility and endurance that you can do at home.  It includes tips, simple step-by-step instructions and photographs.  The Workbook is to be used in conjunction with Ageing with vitality: Your everyday guide to healthy active living to plan and record your progress as you find various ways to increase your levels of physical activity. 

To download your booklets go to: