Sport Ipswich is committed to supporting programs that are specifically designed for sport and recreation volunteers to gain the skills and knowledge needed within the organisation. Online programs and resources are available below.

Current workshops:

Sport Ipswich Back to Business Webinar Series

Session 1 - Tuesday 15 September: Building club resilience in times of change

The recent pandemic has forced change on all of us and highlighted the need for clubs to be flexible and to build resilience. This webinar will present ideas to get you ahead so that your club can be in the best position to bounce back quickly and strongly when change occurs. We'll cover best-practice club management - from the basics of incorporation, constitutions and structure, through to mergers and amalgamations.

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Session 2 - Tuesday 29 September: Running great meetings

Meetings are an integral aspect of running your club, but they don’t need to take up all of your time. In this webinar, we will explore effective meeting procedures that comply with the Act and streamline your decision making. The session will provide tips on keeping meetings brief and efficient, streamlining meeting preparation and follow-up and staying on topic. We will also touch on how clubs can expand their use of online meeting platforms and utilise meeting management software to set their agendas, keep minutes and push notifications out to members.

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Session 3 - Tuesday 13 October: Making and keeping more money

'Not-for-profit' doesn't mean 'no-profit'! Clubs and community organisations are not-for-profit businesses. This webinar will present useful tips and ideas to help your club make and keep more money. You'll learn the fundamentals of club accounting, budgeting, setting your prices accurately, collecting all your fees, fundraising and sponsorship, making use of technology, and how to make the most of available grants.

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Session 4 - Tuesday 27 October: Facility and asset management

Have you ever had a club asset lost or stolen? Have you ever forgotten to perform a required maintenance task, like a fire safety inspection or test and tag? If your answer is, "I don't know", then it's probably yes! Too often clubs lose sight of assets like phones, iPads, laptops, cameras and kit bags, and miss maintenance dates. Join this webinar to find out how you can improve your facility and asset management.

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Session 5 - Tuesday 10 November: Getting the help you need - volunteer management

Struggling to find volunteers? Are your current volunteers overworked? This webinar will explore ideas to increase your volunteer team and improve your volunteer retention. During the session we will cover the best ways to find and recruit volunteers, how to keep volunteers happy, succession planning, balancing paid and unpaid roles if you have both and the tools you can use, such as simple position descriptions.

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  • We also partner with the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing to provide free workshops throughout the year - for more information and to register for upcoming workshops visit

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