To extend on our existing physical activity sessions, Ipswich City Council are offering local physical activity providers the opportunity to apply for council funding. This would be a council contribution of $50 per session to facilitate a 1 hour, weekly physical activity session for 40 weeks of the year. This can be a new or existing class; and can either be free or low-cost (no more than $5 per participant) to attend. The money received from participants will go directly to the facilitator/ provider of the class and will be in addition to the $50 received from council.

Each applicant can apply for funding for 1 or 2 sessions per week. Council funding will be provided for 6 months and extended for up to 12 months total depending on community participation in the class. The intent is to help local providers get low-cost physical activity sessions started and for them to be generating enough participation to be self-sufficient after the funding period.

To apply, please complete the online application form on SmartyGrants via the link below (SmartyGrants is an external application and will require you to create a login). Program criteria and terms and conditions are included in the form.

For additional information please email or phone (07) 3810 6666.