If you are experiencing a rat/mouse issue on your property, contact a licensed pest control service.

It is an offence to allow your property to shelter rats and mice due to overgrown vegetation or accumulation of rubbish. Clean up costs and penalties may apply if you do not maintain your property to prevent these vermin.

Preventing a rat or mouse infestation

  • Remove all food sources by covering over bins, close cupboards and store food in sealed containers with lids
  • Clean up seed, waste and food from bird cages, enclosures and coops
  • Avoid leaving pet food out overnight
  • Remove or prevent access to breeding sites by blocking up holes, having clean yards (including cut lawn), sheds, under houses and attic spaces, and ensure you don’t stockpile rubbish and lumber
  • Stack timber and boxes at least 30 cm above the ground and 30 cm away from walls, so rats can’t burrow under them
  • Trap and/or use bait to eliminate rats, including rodent bait, snap traps and cage traps.

Rodent-proof your house

  • Immediately repair any breakage in wall linings and roof cavities
  • Place metal gauze between the building and any protruding pipes
  • Remove or cover an unused grate, plug or pipe
  • Trim any overhanging branches
  • Seal or cover any holes around the house