The primary role of the Indigenous Community Development Officer (ICDO) is to identify and assist in the development and improvement of the quality of life for Indigenous Australians of Ipswich. The role of the office includes the following duties:

  • To identify the needs and aspirations of the Indigenous Australian community in Ipswich and ensure honest and open relationships with members of this community.
  • Within its role of Local Government, to recognise and support the Indigenous Australian Community Ipswich.
  • To build strong community relations in Ipswich.
  • To develop strategies to increase and enhance the process of reconciliation in the City of Ipswich.
  • To provide the opportunity for and cultural development to occur by Indigenous Australian Community for the Indigenous Australian community
  • To ensure access and equity for the Indigenous Australian Citizens of Ipswich in respect of the Ipswich City Council services.
  • Promote successful models for other local governments.