Most Ipswich households are provided with a 240-litre mobile wheelie bin for general waste disposal and a 240-litre wheelie bin with a yellow lid for recyclable waste.

  • The general waste collection service is provided weekly.
  • Household recyclables are collected fortnightly.
  • An optional green waste service is also available on request.
  • All bins remain the property of Ipswich City Council and should not be used for any other purpose than the disposal of waste.
  • The charges for a weekly general waste collection service and a fortnightly recyclables collection service can be found in council's Budget. These charges appear on your quarterly rates notices.

To check which day and week your bins are serviced or to download a calendar, please use the Ipswich Bin App or contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 for a copy of the calendar for your suburb.

Due to an ongoing supplier manufacturing issue our usual supplier has been unable to meet demand for mobile garbage bins (MGB’s) more commonly known as wheelie bins. ICC has engaged an alternate supplier using emergency provisions to assist in supplying 240 litre MGB’s however, this alternate supplier is bearing the weight of a nation wide shortfall and deliveries are taking much longer than usual to arrive.

In effect ICC is unable to secure an ongoing reliable supply of MGB’s for the foreseeable future and as such there may be delays in fulfilling any bin repairs or waste service commencements. When deliveries are received ICC is committing additional resources to assist in clearing the backlog as quickly as possible. Further updates will be provided as soon as supplier surety can be attained.

Wheelie bin placement and collection

  • Household general waste, recycling and green waste bins are collected from the kerbside in Ipswich every weekday of the year including Christmas Day. Please put your bins out for collection on your designated day even if it falls on a public holiday.

With over 100,000 household waste collection services scheduled each week, it is important that we work together to ensure the services run as smoothly as possible.

You can assist us by:

  • Placing your bins out the night before or prior to 5.00 am on the day of your scheduled collection.
  • Placing your bins in a position that is suitable for the truck to service the bin.
  • Returning your bins to their storage location before the end of the next day after collection.

Bin presentation tips:

  • Face bin body handles away from the road.
  • Leave a 1m gap between each bin.
  • Place bins no more than 1m from the kerb edge so that the truck can reach the bins.
  • Keep bins clear of overhead lines and trees.
  • Keep contents of your bin under 75kg.
  • Ensure bins are not overfilled - lids must close securely.


Placement of bins outside property boundaries

  • The owner or occupier of premises where domestic or commercial waste is produced must ensure that no bins are placed outside the property boundary earlier than the day before the day of collection.
  • All bins must be brought within the property boundary by no later than the day after the day of collection.
  • Should the above regulations not be complied with and no reasonable explanation provided, the property owner or occupier may incur penalties up to the maximum of 10 penalty points.

Assisted Household Waste Removal (Infirm Service)

The Assisted Household Waste Removal (Infirm) Service can be applied for by residents who are unable to physically move their bins to and from the kerbside, due to a disability or impairment, and have no able bodied person to assist them.

The waste collection driver will then wheel the bins out for servicing and return them back to the agreed location on the residents property. The assisted service is provided at no additional cost to the normal service charge, on the condition that the applicant provides council with a completed Assisted Household Waste Removal (Infirm) Service application.  This application must be signed and dated by the residents general practitioner.

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