You can now put your glass waste in the yellow lid recycling bin.

As council transitions to a new recycling program/campaign in line with the new Resource Recovery Strategy, recycling information will be updated.

Glass recovered through the yellow lid recycling bins is sent to our recycling contractor in Brisbane where it is sorted into various recoverable grades. The recycled glass is utilised in everything from new glass bottles and jars through to sand substitutes in roads and drainage.

Ipswich City Council's waste recycling program accepts the following five types of waste in yellow lid recycling bins:

  1. Glass: jars and bottles
  2. Metal: aluminium and steel (drink and aerosol cans, food tins)
  3. Plastic: bottles and containers (milk, soft drink and shampoo bottles, yoghurt/ice-cream tubs)
  4. Cardboard: boxes (including pizza boxes)
  5. Paper: newspapers, magazines, junk mail and office paper

Important: Recycle empty containers only.

Recyclable items

For more information about materials accepted for recycling view our Recycling Brochure (PDF, 418.4 KB).

Glass collection points

While glass is accepted in your yellow lid recycling bins, residents are still welcome to dispose of glass at a collection station. Find your nearest glass drop-off station.

Queensland Container Refund Scheme

  • Queensland uses almost three billion beverage containers each year and most of these end up littering our beautiful state, despite the fact that drink containers can easily be recycled.
  • On 1 November 2018 the state introduced its new container refund scheme Containers for Change, where most glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and 3L (displaying the special refund mark) are eligible for a 10c refund per container when returned to a designated refund point.
  • Visit the Containers for Change website to find out more about the types of eligible containers, the refund point operators and related information.
  • Watch the video below for an overview of the program:

Recycling FAQs

Q: Exactly what material types are able to be recycled by council?

A: There are five categories of materials which can be recycled through your yellow lid recycling bin as part of the fortnightly kerbside collection service. They are:

  1. Glass: jars and bottles
  2. Metal: aluminium and steel (drink and aerosol cans, food tins)
  3. Plastic: bottles and containers (milk, soft drink and shampoo bottles, yoghurt/ice-cream tubs)
  4. Cardboard: boxes (including pizza boxes)
  5. Paper: newspapers, magazines, junk mail and office paper

Q: Do I need to wash my plastic bottles and containers before placing them in the yellow lid recycling bin?

A: All that council requires is for the bottles and/or containers to be empty. If you would like to give them a rinse to keep smells out of your bin that is okay.

Q: Is Ipswich City Council still recycling?

A: Yes.

Q: Where does Ipswich’s recycling currently go?

A: It goes to Visy Recycling which is a materials recovery facility (MRF) for sorting and bailing and is then sent to Australian and overseas markets. Any heavily contaminated loads go to landfill.

Q: So I have noticed some yellow lid bin recycling going to the Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre, why is this?

A: Ipswich Waste Services uses the Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre to bulk up recyclable material into semi-trailers which is then transported to Visy Recycling daily. Recyclable material is kept separate from general waste material whilst being handled. Last financial year the city sent over 9,000 tonnes of material to be recycled.

Q: Why does it cost council so much to recycle?

A: Until recently, there was an overseas market for recyclable materials, but as tighter contamination controls were imposed by other countries, such as China, those markets have all but closed. This has driven up the cost for processing recycling and many councils now need to find new markets for these recyclable materials. At this moment, there are limited suitable options in Australia.

Q: Can we still upgrade our recycle bin to the larger 360L size?

A: Yes, residents with families of four (4) or more people can now apply to upsize/upgrade their recycling bin to a 360 litre bin.

Q: Do I leave lids on or off for recycling?

A: Leave lids off plastic milk and drink bottles and remove lids from glass bottles and jars and place lids in the recycling bin.

Q: Can I use a plastic bin liner in my recycle bin?

A: Plastic bin liners or plastic bags (to collect recyclable items) are not accepted in the recycling bin as they contaminate the load. Any recycling load contaminated with plastic bags is sent to landfill.

Q:  Where do I find further information about what can and cannot be recycled?

A: View our Recycling Brochure and find further detailed recycling information on council’s Ipswich Bin App. Please focus on the items that are listed as being accepted in the recycling bin. If it is not on that list, please do not place it in the recycling bin. Also, regularly check back on this page for updated information.

Q: How do I ensure that my ICC Bin App is updated?

A: You can do a manual update of your smart phone which will update the information on the Bin App.

Q: What number do I call if I have further questions about recycling in Ipswich?

A: Please call the Ipswich City Council Customer Service Centre on (07) 3810 6666.

Sort your waste with the Ipswich Bin App

Download the new Ipswich Bin App to find out what items can go into your recycling, general waste and FOGO bins. The app takes the confusion out of waste sorting so you can be confident your waste is going in the right bin.

The app also reminds you when your rubbish bin gets collected and if it's your recycling or FOGO waste week. To download, please visit the Ipswich Bin App page.

For more information on recycling contact the Council Customer Service Centre on (07) 3810 6666 or email