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Dog Owner Obligations

As a dog owner in Ipswich you need to:

  • Register and microchip your dog
  • Confine your dog to the property at all times, prevented from wandering or escaping
  • Keep your dog on a leash in public
  • Clean up after your dog to keep our city clean
  • Desex your dog if you do not intend to breed.

Up to two dogs may be kept on a standard property and up to four dogs may be kept on a property 2000m² or more without the need for a permit. If you wish to keep dogs beyond these conditions, you must apply for non-standard dog approval.

The law that applies to dog owners is Local Law No. 6 (Animal Management) 2013 (PDF, 581.6 KB).


Registration helps lost pets be reunited with their owners. All dogs over the age of 12 weeks must be registered with Council and then issued with a registration tag.

For more information and to register your dog, see Dog Registration.


All dogs must be microchipped before they are sold or given away. Under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, you must ensure your dog is implanted with a chip before it is twelve (12) weeks of age. Ipswich City Council does not microchip dogs - please contact your local veterinarian for this service.

If your dog is microchipped, you may wish to have this number added to your dog registration. Remember to update your microchip details if you have moved or other personal details have changed.

The Ipswich Pound and Animal Management Centre has a microchip scanner and whenever possible will scan all impounded dogs for microchips to obtain owner identification. If you have found a dog and wish to have it checked for a microchip contact Council on (07) 3810 6666 for assistance.


By law you must confine your dog to your property at all times - dogs are not allowed to roam. Roaming dogs can pose a threat to themselves and others. When outside your property, your dog may be stolen, injured, poisoned or killed.  It could also injure another person or animal. Roaming dogs can be a nuisance and present a threat to community safety, for example most dog attacks reported to Council involve a roaming incident.

Fencing must be suitable to keep your dog from escaping your property. Enclosures of a size suited to your dog’s size and breed can be used to contain your dog on your property, but under Council’s local laws runners (wire runs) and electronic fencing are not permitted as the sole method of containing your dog.


Whether you have a male or female dog, you should have it desexed if you do not intend breeding.

Desexed dogs are less likely to develop cancers, roam, participate in fights and be aggressive. By desexing your dog you will also help to prevent the deaths of thousands of unwanted dogs who cannot find homes.

Ipswich City Council does not provide a desexing service for dogs. However, if you can provide proof that your dog is desexed you will be eligible for discounted dog registration.

Identification Tags

Along with microchipping and wearing a registration tag, an identification tag displaying your contact telephone number on your dog's collar is recommended.

In the unfortunate event that your dog is lost or taken to the pound, it is more likely to be returned to you if it is wearing an identification tag.

Caring For Your Pet in an Emergency

It is important not to forget your pets during an emergency or disaster event. For more information see Caring for Animals in an Emergency. For a handy and downloadable checklist, check out the Pet Emergency Plan.


For information on permits and licences for Kennels, see Other Licences.

Council Contacts

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Ipswich City Council Pound and Animal Management Centre
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