This section provides information on the issuing of commercial licences for kennels, catteries and stables.

What does Council licence?

A licence is required for the following:

  • Kennel Licence – boarding, training, breeding and selling dogs
  • Cattery Licence – boarding, breeding and selling cats
  • Stable Licence - boarding, breeding and selling horses, and operating commercial equestrian facilities.

Prior to applying for a licence with Ipswich City Council, you must ensure you have the appropriate approvals in place for your business. For information on any approvals you might need, including development, planning and design approvals, and to apply for the licence, follow the stages below.

Stage One: Approvals needed prior to licencing

Before applying for a licence, you must ensure you obtain all relevant approvals. A licence does not constitute approval for any other aspects of your operation.

Prior to starting any business you must check with Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Department to ensure that the land/property where the business is based is suitable for your intended use.

If your business involves new or altered structures, you may also require building and/or plumbing approval.

For more information visit Ipswich Planning, contact by email or phone (07) 3810 6888.

Development Approval

Council’s planning scheme guides how land can be used and developed, including the suitability of a location for a business or different business types.

Kennel, cattery and stable businesses may need planning approval for:

  • starting a new business
  • changing the type of activity/business being offered at the property
  • re-establishing a business that was abandoned
  • changing the scale or intensity of an existing business (e.g. increasing the number of kennels)
  • carrying out building work (e.g. building of a stable)
  • carrying out plumbing or drainage work

To find out if you need to submit a development application for a kennel, cattery or stable business, you can:

Building Approval

Building approval may be required for work including:

  • fitting out a new building
  • installing new facilities
  • refurbishing an existing building

All building work is assessed against the building assessment provisions (including, but not limited to, the National Construction Code and the Queensland Development Code) which set the minimum requirements for building structure, fire safety, access and egress, health and amenity, and energy efficiency.

To find out if you need building approval, you can:

Plumbing Approval

Kennel, Cattery and Stable services may need plumbing and drainage approval for the following activities:

  • installation of any plumbing work (e.g. washing facilities)
  • washing, laundry or staff kitchen facilities with plumbing requirements
  • use of non-reticulated water supply (tank water).

Plumbing and drainage work should be conducted by a licensed plumber. Contact Council or Queensland Urban Utilities for more information.

Stage Two: Assessment and Building Fit-out

Once you have satisfied any development, building and plumbing approvals, you must seek design approval and commence building fit-out.

Step 1 – Design assessment

  • Plans will need to be drawn up and submitted with your assessment.
  • Complete the Commercial Animal Licence Application Kit
  • Ensure you include with your assessment application:
    • a copy of the floor plan, drawn to scale not less than 1:50, showing details of the layout of animal housing facilities, exercise runs, washing facilities, food storage location and waste disposal information
    • a copy of the site plan, drawn to scale not less than 1:100 showing the kennel, cattery or stables location in relation to other buildings on the property, property boundaries and fencing type, and buildings on adjacent properties.
    • details on the type of housing/enclosures to be used or installed at the premises including material and sound proofing to be installed and the type, breed and number of animals to be kept at the property.
  • A design application fee applies. For details view Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule and search ‘Commercial Cattery Licence’, ‘Commercial Kennel Licence’ or ‘Commercial Stable Licence’.
  • Submit your application:
    • Email: (pdf format of form and plan/s only)
    • Post: PO Box 191, Ipswich Qld 4305
    • In person: Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich.

Step 2 – Building fit-out

  • Fit out your premises in accordance with the approval given by Council.
  • Please read both the approved plans and approval conditions carefully when you receive them and carry out your fit-out including any changes that may be required.
  • A final inspection will be conducted to ensure the premises has been constructed in accordance with the approval. The premises must pass this inspection for the licence to be issued. If additional inspections are required then further inspection fees apply. For details view Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule.
  • About 10 days prior to completing the fit-out of the premises, start your application for a Kennel, Cattery or Stables Licence.

Stage Three: Applying for a Licence

  • Complete the Commercial Animal Licence Application Kit
  • Ensure you include with your licence application:
    • If you are not the owner of the property, you must include the property owner details as well as written approval from the owner for operation of the business from the property.
    • The number and type of animals proposed to be boarded, bred, trained or sold at the premises
  • An application and first year licence fee applies. For details view Council’s Fees and Charges Schedule and search ‘Commercial Cattery Licence’, ‘Commercial Kennel Licence’ or ‘Commercial Stable Licence’.
  • Submit your application:
    • Email: (pdf format of form and qualifications only)
    • Post: PO Box 191, Ipswich Qld 4305
    • In person: Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich.

How is your design approval and licence application managed?

Council will assess and respond to your assessment and application within 30 business days from the date of submission. If you require development approval, this assessment will not commence until you have notified Council that the development approval has been granted.

Once your application has been assessed and if approved, you will be issued a licence. It will be emailed or mailed to you and you must display the licence, or a copy of the licence, at each related business so that it is easily visible to the public.

Licence renewal, amendment, replacement or transfer

Licence renewal

Licence must be renewed each financial year. Council will send out a renewal notice approximately 4 weeks prior to renewal each year. A new licence will be mailed to you and you will need to ensure this is displayed.

Amendment to current licence

If you wish to update your personal or contact details on your business licence, please complete the amendment to licence section of the Commerical Animal Licence Application Kit.

Replacement licence

If you require a copy of your licence, please contact the Customer Service Centre on (07) 3810 6666.

Transfer of Licence

If you wish to transfer the licence to a third party (e.g sale of business), please complete the transfer of licence section of the Commercial Animal Licence Application Kit.