An entertainment venue license is required under Local Law No. 3 Commercial Licensing (2013) if certain activities are held at a particular venue on a regular basis (refer to Temporary Entertainment Event Licences for one-off events).


  • Prior to commencing any entertainment venue business you must check with Council's Planning and Regulatory Services Department to ensure that the land/property is suitable for your intended use.
  • 'Entertainment venue' means a place that is open to public for entertainment (not including a shop), whether or not a charge for admission is made and whether or not the person who controls admission reserves a right to refuse admission
  • Examples of licensable venues (note: this list is not exhaustive and other activities may require a licence if the venue provides entertainment for a fee):
    • Indoor/outdoor cinema
    • Theatre
    • Concert hall
    • Billiard saloon
    • Electronic game centre
    • Indoor sports centre (including bowling alley)
    • Art gallery
    • Museum
    • Bazaar or flea market (non-permanent)
    • Fairground
    • Children's playground, indoor play centre, party venues
    • Gym

Application Process

Step 1

  • The facility must meet the requirements of the Local Law No. 3 Commercial Licensing (2013)
  • Plans will need to be drawn up and submitted with your application
  • Please also confirm in writing the type of entertainment that is supplied (e.g. regular indoor entertainment) and if any outdoor entertainment is to occur, indicate on the plans the rooms/areas to be used
  • Ensure that you include plans, e.g. floor plan, detailed plans, etc. and an overall layout of the site (e.g. provide evidence that plumbing, building, etc. applications have been lodged and/or approved and the landowner gives consent to the application)
  • Please complete the General License and Permit Application Form (under 'More Information' below) for the design assessment and return with A3-size design plans and payment of the design application fee
  • Your application should include:
    • A plan of the entertainment venue
    • Details and drawings of buildings and other structural elements of the entertainment venue
    • A detailed statement of the nature of the entertainment venue and when the entertainment venue is to be open to the public
    • If the applicant is not the owner of the entertainment venue – the written consent of the owner
    • If approval of anything to be done under the licence is require under another law – a certified copy or other appropriate evidence of the approval e.g. building, plumbing, etc.
  • You may email your application in PDF format including application form, payment details and plans to
  • Alternatively you can post it to the address on the form or drop it by Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich
  • Council will assess your application within 30 business days and respond with an approval and appropriate conditions
  • Council also recommends that you check the following for any requirements:
    • Council’s building section (07) 3810 6888
    • Council’s plumbing section (07) 3810 6888
    • Queensland Urban Utilities (07) 13 26 57

Step 2

  • Fit out your premises in accordance with the approval given by council.
  • Please read both the approved plans and approval conditions carefully when you receive them and carry out your fitout including any changes that may be required.

Step 3

  • About 10 days prior to completing the fit out of the premises, complete the licence application and contact the officer nominated on the approval documents to arrange the final inspection.
  • Current fees for an initial high risk entertainment venue (with liquor licence) are set out in the Register of Fees and Charges
  • A final inspection will be conducted to ensure the premises have been constructed in accordance with the design approval.
  • The premises must pass this inspection for the entertainment venue licence to be issued.
  • If additional inspections are required then further inspection fees apply and must be paid by the stipulated date.

Other Licences

  • Your business may also require other licences depending upon your activities, e.g. if you sell alcohol a liquor licence may be required.
  • For information on liquor licensing please contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation on 13QGOV
  • In order to issue entertainment venue licences or temporary entertainment venue licenses, a copy of the liquor licence or evidence of the application you have made is required by council.
  • If a temporary event is held on council land you may also need a separate permit e.g., mall permit, park permit.

More Information