COVID Safe Events

Upon lodgement of a Temporary Entertainment Event licence application, please ensure you include a copy of the appropriate COVID document based on your event size:

  • 500 - 1,500 people - must comply with the COVID Safe Event Checklist; no further Queensland Health approval needed
  • 1,500 - 10,000 people - must comply with a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the local Public Health Unit
  • 10,000 people or more - must comply with a COVID Safe Event Plan approved by the Chief Health Officer.

NOTE: Numbers based on attendees per day.

For more information, refer to the Queensland Government COVID Safe Events webpage.

A license is required under Local Law No. 3 Commercial Licensing (2013) to hold a temporary/one-off event.

Application Process

  • Plans will need to be drawn up and submitted with your application
  • You will need to provide evidence that any other required applications have been lodged and/or approved and the landowner gives consent to the application
  • Ensure that you include plans, e.g. floorplan and overall layout of the site
  • Please also confirm the type of entertainment that is supplied, e.g. if indoor entertainment, is there any outdoor entertainment occurring and indicate on the plans all rooms/areas to be used
  • Your application should include:
    • A site plan of the temporary entertainment event venue showing boundaries, all buildings and facilities as well as any applicable structures such as rides, stage, food stalls, etc
    • Details of the type and number of ablution facilities to be provided
    • Details of all structures and facilities to be erected (e.g. stage, marquees, rides, etc.)
    • A detailed statement of the nature of the entertainment to be provided at the temporary entertainment event, when the event is to be open to the public and the expected maximum number of attendees
    • if the applicant is not the owner of the temporary entertainment event's venue, written consent of the owner must be supplied with the application
  • Required event details:
    • Type of event - private, public, commercial, community
    • Operating dates of the event
    • Start time and date
    • Finish time and date
    • Bump in time
    • Bump out time
    • Estimated attendance at the event
  • Event requirement details:
    • Electricity
    • Inflatable entertainment
    • Live music /entertainment
    • Amusement rides
    • Fireworks
    • Animal farm or activity
    • Marquees/tents/stalls (size, number, pegged or unpegged)
    • Staging
    • Seating structures
    • Portable toilets
    • Rubbish bins
    • Signage
    • Tables and chairs
    • Will you be selling food to the public? (See Temporary Food Business webpage)
    • Registered food vans
    • Sausage sizzle/BBQ
    • Other food stalls (specify) (See Temporary Food Business webpage)
    • Will you be selling liquor to the public? If yes, will a liquor licence be required?
    • Car parking - does this site provide adequate car parking?
    • Traffic management plan
    • Emergency management plan.
  • Please complete the General License or Permit Application Form (under 'More Information' below) and return with supporting documentation and payment of the application fee
  • You may email your application in PDF format including application form, payment details and plans to
  • Alternatively you can post it to the address on the form or drop it by Ground Floor, 1 Nicholas Street, Ipswich
  • Please be aware that council has 30 business days to process applications; please ensure that you allow sufficient time to complete this process prior to the intended festival or event.
  • A Traffic Control Permit may be required for a temporary entertainment event (refer to council's Road Permit information for further details)

Other Licences

  • Your business may also require other licences depending upon your activities, e.g. if you sell alcohol a liquor licence may be required
  • For information on liquor licensing please contact the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation on 13QGOV
  • In order to issue entertainment venue licences or temporary entertainment venue licenses, a copy of the liquor licence or evidence of the application you have made is required by council
  • If a temporary event is held on council land you may also need a separate permit e.g. mall permit, park permit
  • If a road permit is required to operate your event, please complete the Event Road Permit Application form and submit it to Council for assessment at least 10 days prior to the event.

More Information