The structure and layout of the temporary food stall must meet the requirements for the Food Act 2006 and the Food Standards Code. Please refer to the Application for Temporary Food Business Licence for guidance.

  • When completing the application form please provide a plan indicating the layout of the stall (where equipment will be located, hand washing facilities etc.). Charity and community groups will need a licence if they prepare meals on more than 12 occasions per year and will need to provide evidence of their non-profit status.
  • In order to issue a food licence one food safety supervisor with suitable qualifications must be nominated on the application. Information about the food safety supervisor requirements can be found on the Queensland Health website. A copy of the certificate of attainment should accompany the completed food licence application and payment of the licence fee.
  • Temporary food stall licences can be issued for one off events (up to four (4) days duration) or annually. Different fees and charges will apply so please ensure that you pay the correct fee with your application. The cost of the licences can be found in the current fees and charges document.
  • The free food safety training can be accessed on Council's Food Safety Training page. A certificate will be generated for the individual once completed.
  • Completed applications can be emailed to - Please be aware that Council has 30 business days to process applications, please ensure that you allow sufficient time to complete this process prior to the intended festival or event.

Other licences

Your food business may also require other licences depending upon your activities.  For example, if you wish to trade in the Ipswich City Mall a permit will be required.

More Information

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